BIG Book of Family Health 2018

Everything you need to raise a healthy, happy family - from pediatricians to eye care, napping, depression and much more.

The Lowdown on Lice

Did you find some lice combing your child’s hair or get the dreaded phone call from the school nurse? You are not alone. Anne Arundel County Public Schools average 500 cases of lice a year.

The BIG Book of Family Health 2013

More Than A Doctor, Healthcare Professionals Become a Part of Your Family

The Big Book of Family Health Published in July


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One of our most popular annual publications, The BIG Book of Family Health provides Maryland residents with all the information they need to make critical health care choices for their families. Last year's issue flew off of the shelves in only two weeks.





Your child’s health is important to you as a parent. From food allergies to common childhood injuries, we provide useful, helpful information about children's health with a Maryland focus. Find many of the latest recommendations and health news items to help you decide what's best for your child's health. Be sure to talk to your health care practitioner about any concerns you have. Please contact us if you would like to see a particular topic featured about your child’s health.



Solid, practical, and up-to-date health tips and advice about diet, exercise, check-ups and mental health to help today's busy parents.


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