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Dentist - Pediatric                 


Josephine Amigo, D.M.D.
Children's Dental Office
2225 Defense Hwy., Ste. G, Crofton

  • Very kind, takes a lot of time, explains to the patient as well as the parents.           

Gregg Behling, D.M.D.
Drs. Tull, Behling and Decere
1507 Ritchie Hwy., Ste. 201, Arnold

  • Drs. Tull & Beihling have a state-of-the-art Pediatric Dentistry Practice.  Both doctors provide the highest standards of clinical care, giving personal attention and time to patients, and always offer caring follow up after dental extractions and other extensive dental treatment. They are the best!           

Deepali Bhanot, D.D.S.
Kids Dental Clinic, L.L.C.
20400 Observation Dr., Ste. 208, Germantown

  • Dr. Bhanot makes going to the dentist fun. My five year old counts down the days for her cleanings.           

Daniel Biederman, D.D.S.
Kids Dental Center, L.L.C.
5060 Dorsey Hall Dr., Ellicott City

Kimberly Burroughs, D.D.S.
Drs. Leary, Burroughs & Woods
325 Gambrills Rd., Ste. C, Gambrills

Keith F. Camper, D.D.S.
Children's Dental Office
2225 Defense Hwy., Ste. G, Crofton

Jerome Casper, D.M.D.
Children's Dental Office
2225 Defense Hwy., Ste. G, Crofton

Dennis M. Cherry, D.D.S.
Island Dental Studio
202 Saint Claire Pl., Ste. 200, Stevensville
410-604-6915 ‎             

Children's  Dental Office  
2225 Defense Hwy., Ste. G, Crofton

  • Dr. Keith Camper and his nurses ALWAYS goes the extra mile.  EXCEPTIONAL!!!!!            

Nilda Collins, D.M.D. Collins & Associates Pediatric Dentistry
129 Lubrano Dr., Ste. 300, Annapolis

  • It's amazing to me that with such a large staff who treat children with something that is not only very scary, but often times treating something that is very painful and confusing to a child that every single member of the staff could all be so wonderful.  From the front desk to the back rooms, they are all such kind, caring, and compassionate people.  They have kept my kids from being afraid to visit the dentist.
  • Wonderful practice! Great place for kids! My son loves to go to the dentist! Doctors are patient and hygienists are excellent! Office is cheerful and bright!          

Michelle Decere, D.M.D.
Drs. Tull, Behling and Decere
1507 Ritchie Hwy., Ste. 201, Arnold

Debra Ehudin, D.D.S.
Ehudin Dental
1852 Reisterstown Rd., Ste. 200, Pikesville

Maria Carmela Guevara, D.M.D.
Southgate Dental Care
1811 Crain Hwy., S, Glen Burnie

Juambeltz and Radesca, D.D.S.  
2880 Dunkirk Way, Ste. 103, Dunkirk  

  • These two pediatric dentists are I think by far the best I had been to so many pediatric dentists and my daughter had such a hard time. We finally found them and she actually enjoys going there she has no anxiety at all which is so wonderful.           

Anthony G. Johnson, D.D.S., P.C.
Johnson Pediatric Dentistry
3060 Mitchellville Rd., Ste. 108, Bowie

  • Dr. Johnson is awesome!  My son loves him.           

Dudley Katz, D.D.S.  
101 Saint Claire Pl., Ste. 102, Stevensville

Caroline Larosiliere, D.D.S.
Smiles Pediatric Dental Care
6000 Laurel-Bowie Rd., Ste. 200, Bowie  

Berg, Lawrence & Weng  
16900 Science Dr., Ste. 115, Bowie

  • Great for kids!           

Erica Lewis-Mead, D.D.S.  
613 Dutchmans Ln., Easton

Barry Lyon, D.D.S.
Barry D. Lyon, D.D.S. & Associates, L.L.C.
7704 Quarterfield Rd., Glen Burnie

  • I have been taking my kids there for over 10 years and am very impressed with the level of care and "bedside manner" of everyone there. I also really like that kids are able to get gas for procedures and that from a very young age they are taken back without their parents - I love that because I think parents can often make it a bad experience if they are right there. It bolsters the confidence of the kids and they get to hear the assistants and dentists brag about how great the kids were. I highly recommend this practice.  
  • Dr. Lyon and his staff are so savvy about putting my child at ease whenever she visits. The office is quite efficient, and I often leave there wishing he was also my dentist!          

Margaret McGrath, D.M.D., M.P.H., P.C.
Kent Island Pediatric Dentistry
160 Sallitt Dr., Ste. 106, Stevensville

  • Our kids love Dr. McGrath! She and her staff are knowledgeable, caring, and fun and make dental visits easy!  Her new practice is wonderful and I would highly recommend it to anyone!!
  • She is AWESOME.
  • We love her and her staff. They are always smiling and friendly. The office makes our children comfortable and they look forward to every visit.
  • Dr. McGrath is so great with children.  She takes all the time needed and the short drive over the Bay Bridge is so nice.  Because we never have to wait more than a couple of minute for our appointment we actually save time by going there. And my kids love her.
  • Wanted my daughter to see a dentist early to get use to it, and Dr. McGrath was perfect.  Warm friendly office, great toys, nothing to be afraid of for little kids. My daughter has no trouble going to the dentist now!       

Marla Prokop, D.M.D., P.A.  
621 Ridgely Ave., Ste. 202, Annapolis

  • Great with the kids!           

David Sims, D.D.S.  
969 Central Ave., East, Edgewater

  • Family-friendly staff and atmosphere. They make everyone feel comfortable and provide wonderful service.            

Beverly Ann Jimenez, D.D.S.
Chambers Family Dentistry
621 Ridgely Ave., Ste. 206, Annapolis

C.J. Tull, D.D.S.
Drs. Tull, Behling and Decere
1507 Ritchie Hwy., Ste. 201, Arnold

  • Dr. Tull offers extensive knowledge & experience to his patients.  His medical expertise, personal care, and his attention to detail provide the highest quality of orthodontic care.             

Maya Vernon, D.D.S.
Vernon Pediatric Dentistry
900 Ritchie Hwy., Ste. 101, Severna Park

  • Dr. Vernon is the very best.  She loves her patients as if they were her own children.  She always takes her time to explain out everything that is going to happen, and my children adore her!          

Jen-Fan Weng, D.D.S. 
Berg, Lawrence & Weng
16900 Science Dr., Ste. 115 Bowie

  • Great for kids!          



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