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2010 Family Favorite Doctors

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Mental Health     


Business Health Services   
711 West 40th St., Ste. 207, Baltimore   

  • Offer training and consultation for county and do a fantastic job.           

Caroline County Mental Health  
606 Sunnyside Ave., Denton
410 479-3800             

Kathy Gabriel, Ph.D.  
207 Ridgley Ave ., 2nd Fl., Annapolis  

Michael Gombatz, Ph.D
Severn Psychological & Educational Services  
353 Berkshire Dr., Riva

  • FANTASTIC!!!  COMPASSIONATE!!!  I wouldn't dream of having anyone else attend to the needs of my child!  He has been a spectacular counselor and we've had GREAT results!!!!           

George James, M.D.  
3905 National Dr., Burtonsville

  • Pleasant to work with; uses paraphrasing constantly to be sure he understands my issues and prescribes any necessary medication(s) accordingly.           

David Leaverton, M.D.  
1331 Kinloch Cir., Arnold

Julie Morrison, Ph.D.  
10440 Shaker Dr., Ste. 209, Columbia

  • Thorough, insightful, incredible advocate, innovative, informed.           

David Ochinero, L.C.M.F.T.
Bruce Turnquist and Associates  
277 Peninsula Farm Rd., Ste. J, Arnold

Ilya Rozenberg, M.S., N.P.
Lawrence W Adler P.A.
7310 Ritchie Hwy., Ste. 512, Glen Burnie

  • A very good CRNP. He is kind, gentle and listens to what I have to say. I have been going to him since we moved to Maryland in 2004. Very happy with him.            

Adam Roth, M.D.  
1410 Forest Dr., Ste. 24, Annapolis

  • Great doctor!  Takes his time and really gets to know you.  Compassionate and caring.           

Cheryl Rubenstein, Ph.D.
716 Giddings Ave., Ste. 33, Annapolis

  • She deals with many women's issues and has been very helpful.

Barbara Siddle, Ph.D.  
8640 Guilford Rd., Ste. 252, Columbia

Scott E. Smith, Ph.D.
Spectrum Behavioral Health
1509 Ritchie Hwy., Ste. F, Arnold

  • Dr. Smith has tremendous experience, insight, and understanding in the psychological health and development of children and adolescents regarding the diagnosis and treatment of learning differences and learning disabilities; and also in the area of resolving family conflicts; substance abuse concerns; and diagnosing/ treating depression in children, adolescents, and adults; Dr. Smith is exceptional in his professional guidance, time and insight to help a client whether it be as a consultant on a case, or as a clinical care provider. Love him.          

Bruce Smoller, M.D.  
5530 Wisconsin Ave., Chevy Chase

Joshua Sussal, M.D.  
7474 Greenway Center Dr., Ste.730, Greenbelt  

  • Child, adolescent and adult psychiatry. He is the best.  
  • Spot on and calls it as he sees it.           

Jack Vaeth, M.D.  
133 Defense Hwy., Ste.114, Annapolis

  • I hesitate to share his name as his practice is already busy, but Dr Vaeth has a special interest in psychopharmacology and is fantastic resource for those folks who have been struggling find the right medication combination for their symptoms.           



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