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2010 Family Favorite Doctors

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Bay Area Midwifery  
2003 Medical Pkwy., Annapolis

Kristiina Boushehri, C.N.M
Capital Women's Care
5005 Signal Bell Ln., Ste.102, Clarksville

Paula J. Greer, C.N.M.  
Harbor Hospital  
3001 South Hanover St., Baltimore

  • Paula embodies what it means to be a fantastic midwife. She is truly an educator at heart and loves her patients. Paula would stop at nothing to assure her patients feel comfortable. Because of Paula, I was able to deliver my daughter naturally...I couldn't have done that without her support.            

Joanne Hasman, C.N.M.
Special Beginnings Birthing Center  
1454 Baltimore-Annapolis, Arnold

  • She was right by my side during pregnancy, labor, delivery, recovery, breastfeeding, and postpartum.           

Midwifery Care Associates  
11301 Rockville Pike, 3rd Fl., Bethesda

  • Chris was amazing.  
  • I love all the midwives there too.           

Evelyn Muhlhan, Nurse-Midwife, R.N., B.S.N., C.N.M., C.H.T., M.S.
Alternative Birth Choices  
4 East Rolling Crossroads, Catonsville

David Paad, C.N.M.  
Special Beginnings Birthing Center  
1454 Baltimore-Annapolis, Arnold

  • He was sooooo terrific.  He allowed me to birth in any position and he was so supportive during the delivery.  Just a wonderful presence.   
  • Caring, thoughtful, competent, respectful. Not just a job for him. I have seen 7 midwives in 4 locations and 2 states in 15 years and he is a favorite!  Responds to all my concerns.          

Kathleen C. Slone, M.S.N., C.N.M.
St. Paul Place Specialists Mercy Medical
3501 St. Paul St., Ste. 143,  Baltimore

  • THERE IS NO ONE BETTER!!!!  Her offices are in Baltimore and she delivers at Mercy Medical Center.  5 of my 6 kids were delivered by her or her staff (two other midwives), and 5 of my kids are VBACs!!!  She's the ONLY one I know who will do all she can to ensure a successful VBAC!!!!  Small, intimate practice.  Really takes the time to work with you!  She is absolutely the best in her field and the most experienced!!!  I wouldn't dream of going to any other midwife!!!!             



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