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2010 Family Favorite Doctors

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Farhad Aliabadi, M.D.
Pediatric Group
2225-E Defense Hwy., Crofton

  • My kids have been going there since they were born 16 and 18 years and he is so personable and well liked that my kids actually like going to see him.
  • I absolutely LOVE Pediatric Group of Crofton. Dr. Aliabadi is such a great doctor, my son loves him.  He's made me so comfortable with every visit, and when I have questions, the nurses are always on top of giving me the best advice, and it always works.  I would recommend them to anyone.
  • Dr. A has been our pediatrician since we moved to MD 17 years ago. He has watched all 3 of our boys grow up. He has always provided excellent care and sound advice. Our oldest son, Matthew, has Down Syndrome. Dr. A has developed a special relationship with Matt over the years. He treats him with warmth, care, concern and laughter! Matthew looks forward to seeing him each visit. Dr. Aliabadi has always provided our family with A+ medical care. We feel fortunate to have him as our pediatrician.
  • We have seen Dr. Aliabadi for 13 years.  He is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor.  We think that he is fantastic and our kids are very comfortable with him.   
  • We love Dr. Aliabadi.  He is punctual.  He has been our pediatrician since 1997 and I have NEVER had to wait more than 5 minutes for him during an office visit.  In addition, he responds to any voicemail within 15 to 20 minutes.  I trust his judgment completely and always look for my kids to see him first when they are sick.  He is awesome!       

James Anthony, M.D.
Kenneth M. Klebanow, M.D. & Associates, P.A.
8821 Columbia 100 Pkwy., Columbia

Raja Arshad, M.D.  
5707 Calverton St., Ste. 1E, Catonsville

  • My children love Dr. Arshad. He has been their doctor for almost 20 years. He has my complete confidence.
  • My children have been patients for over 20 years. Doctor is professional and always is concerned about my children's health. He calls personally to check on them when they are sick.          

Arundel Pediatrics, P.A.   
Linthicum, Arnold

  • Best pediatricians around!!
  • THE BEST.          

Azam Baig, M.D., F.A.A.P.
South River Pediatrics  
Chester, Edgewater
410-643-7337, 410-956-6302  

  • Best doctor, best staff and has been there for our family always. His associates are fantastic as well.
  • He is the best.  Extremely thorough, takes as much time as is needed, great listener.  We've lived in different areas, and Dr. Baig is the best pediatrician we've ever had.          

Zaneb Beams, M.D.
Drs. Beams and Khan
10794 Hickory Ridge Rd., Columbia

  • Absolutely love her!  She takes extra time with our 3 kids and she even comes in on weekends if she thinks she can help prevent a hospitalization or prolonged suffering. She is absolutely the best pediatrician our family has ever had.  Priceless!             

Sushma Bhasin, M.D.  
331 Oak Manor Dr., Ste. 203, Glen Burnie

  • Dr. Bhasin is an excellent pediatrician and a very caring person.  She has become part of our family. She is wonderful.
  • Hard to find a doctor like her.           

Louis Bland, M.D.
Primary Pediatrics
9811 Mallard Dr., Ste. 109, Laurel

  • Dr. Bland has been my children's pediatrician for most of their lives.  He performed magic on my son when he was two and refused to come out from under a chair.  Prior to see Dr. Bland, the only way to examine my son was to hold him screaming and struggling as the doctor attempted to look in his ears and mouth and so forth.  But Dr. Bland talked him out from under the chair, and those horrible days of screams and struggle were gone for good.  I am sorry that my children are aging out of pediatrics.           

Steven Brown, M.D.
Primary Pediatrics
17001 Science Dr., Ste. 116, Bowie

Margaret Chang, M.D.
Community Clinic, Inc.
8210 Colonial Ln., Silver Spring

Kevin Clark, M.D.
Davidsonville Pediatrics
2772 Rutland Rd., Davidsonville

  • Been seeing him forever! He is truly the best.
  • Dr. Clark is an excellent Doctor. He is attentive and very detailed at every appointment. He allows you to feel very comfortable with every question that you ask, and is easy going and intelligent with all answers.
  • Dr. Clark always takes time to listen to the concerns I have, I never feel rushed.  
  • He is very people oriented and he takes special time to talk to the kids he cares for.
  • Dr. Clark is amazing! Always answers all my questions and really cares about my daughter!       

Michael R. Clemmens, M.D.
Anne Arundel Medical Center
2001 Medical Pkwy., Annapolis

Raymond Coleman, M.D.  
11119 Rockville Pike, Ste. 310, Rockville

  • He is attentive and friendly towards my son, always returns calls within 5-10 min even after hours it is within 5 min. His office is convenient to where I work and always fits my son in for what I deem to be necessary unscheduled visits.            

Beth Connelly, C.R.N.P.
Bayside Pediatrics
2568A Riva Rd., Ste. 103, Annapolis

Corrine F. Coyner, M.D.  
Chesapeake Pediatrics
121 Old Solomons Island Rd., Annapolis

  • She is caring and really knows how to relate to the kids so they can tell her how they're feeling.            

Sue Danielson, C.P.N.P
Davidsonville Pediatrics
2772 Rutland Rd., Davidsonville

  • Sue is awesome! My son had non-ending ear infections (ended up having to get tubes), and no matter how many times I called her to set up appointments, or just ask for advice, she always fit me in or called me back immediately to answer my questions or ease my mind. She has been great. Thanks a lot Sue!!!!  
  • She went above and beyond for my sick little guy, called me back every time I called. She took the time to educate herself on the latest in autism research. Made me believe in only three visits she truly cares for my family! Best doctor I've seen in this whole practice!
  • Sue has spent countless hours with our family!  I owe her so much for the health of our daughter.  She is persistent in finding workable solutions for my daughter’s health issues.  We are forever grateful!!!
  • From the moment Sue Danielson enters the room, she is warm, caring and immediately gives her attention to our children. She goes above and beyond providing basic care and ensures she can be contacted after hours if need be. It is truly evident she enjoys caring for young infants/children and is dedicated to giving the best care possible.  Thank you Sue for all that you do!
  • I can tell Sue genuinely cares about my children. She often squeezes them in to her schedule and returns phone calls promptly. She holds my son and cuddles him before and after visits. I could not ask for someone better!         

Azar Dashti, M.D., P.A and Mariam Bahrami, M.D.   
4379 Northview Dr., Bowie

  • This is no "run of the mill" "baby mill" pediatrician. Small practice with EXCEPTIONAL service!!!  Bahrami is also an internal specialist so she's able to do what many other pediatricians can't.  SHE diagnosed my son almost 9 years ago with enlarged tonsils and adenoids when for MONTHS, the previous practice was telling me it was "food battles," "behavioral" and then finally after a few cursory questions prescribed STEROIDS for what they thought was asthma!!!!!!  When I went to see Dr. Bahrami, I walked out with a referral to a specialist who I saw 2 days later. 30 days later, Josh had surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids and he was a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CHILD!!!  She literally saved my son's life, because he was literally starving and malnourished because of the enlarged tonsils and adenoids. The "baby mill" would have killed him! This is why this practice is the ONLY one for me and my family!!!!!!  (And because she's an internal specialist, they can and do see our whole family of 8!!!)           

Craytonia Davis, M.D.
Crofton Pediatrics
2225-E Defense Hwy., Crofton

  • Dr. Davis was highly recommended to me by a wonderful nurse while I was in the hospital, and I can truly see why!  He is simply wonderful!  He & his staff are very professional, inviting, very knowledgeable, and most of all CARING! Coming from the midwest it was very calming and a sigh of relief for my husband and I to find a practicing pediatrician that was perfect for our entire family!   
  • Dr. Davis gives 110% to his patients- you are not just another name/patient with him! Dr. Davis has been an excellent pediatrician with my two boys.  He has a wonderful bedside manner which makes the medical visits enjoyable for the both of my children.  Dr. Davis provides wonderful guidance to my wife and I is very informative with respect to how to handle the various medical conditions our boys have experienced.    
  • My child and I are really pleased with Dr. Davidson services. He is very friendly, he's patient, he takes his time when examining, and he explains everything to you. I would not change him for any other doctor.  
  • While all the docs there are great, Dr. Davis is just the nicest, warmest doc I know.  I hate for the kids to get sick, but I always feel like they are in good hands with Doc. D.   
  • Dr. Davis is very thorough in his assessment of our children whether it's for their yearly check up or during a sick visit. He is always gracious and accommodating with our list of many questions. Thanks Dr. Davis for your care towards our children.        

Katherine Edwards, M.D.
Annapolis Pediatrics
200 Forbes St., Ste. 200, Annapolis

Salwa Elsamanoudi, M.D.  
Potomac Physicians, P.A.
2629 Riva Rd., Ste. 112, Annapolis

Diego Escobosa, M.D., F.A.A.P.
Bayside Pediatrics
2568A Riva Rd., Ste. 103, Annapolis

  • Nobody cares like Dr. Escabosa...GO Diego go!
  • Great guy, pays attention to what you're saying.          

Carol Forsyth, C.R.N.P.
Pediatric Group
692-A Ritchie Hwy., Severna Park

  • She is the most caring nurse practitioner we have had.  She genuinely cares about her patients and goes that extra step which is so important for parents.  There have been so many times I wanted to give her a big hug and say thank you.   
  • Carol was recommended to us by close friends and we have been so happy with her. We are new parents and she always takes the time to listen to our concerns, return our calls in a timely manner, and most importantly has developed a great connection with our daughter, Reese. Her concern and care for Reese is genuine and is the reason we drive from Edgewater to Severna Park although there are other locations closer; it has to be Carol to whom we entrust our daughter.  Also, we will soon have our second born (a boy) and he will be seeing Carol as well. Big KUDOS to Carol for being such a wonderful caregiver. I cannot forget to mention Jeremy as well - he and Carol make an excellent team and he demonstrates the same genuine care and concern for our daughter that Carol does. In Carol and Jeremy, our children have wonderful and reliable caregivers whom we trust completely.  THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK!
  • Since we moved here 2 1/2 years ago she has been the constant professional always taking the time to get to know both of my children’s personalities and they look forward to see her when they are not feeling well.
  • Carol Forsyth is the best provider, she is very attentive and my kids love her...we look forward to our visits with Nurse Carol. I feel like with each visit she always go above and beyond to answer all my questions and ensure that my little ones are doing well.
  • She is very professional yet friendly. She always goes above and beyond with all of my "parent questions".  She is well "seasoned" (if you will).  I have always had TOTAL confidence in her decisions and treatment plans.  She has the knowledge of a physician but the bedside manners of a friend.       

Dwight Fortier, M.D.
Annapolis Pediatrics
200 Forbes St., Ste. 200, Annapolis  

  • Dr. Fortier has a way of reassuring the parent and child, while providing the factual information appropriate to the occasion.             

Gina Friel, C.P.N.P.
Annapolis Pediatrics
200 Forbes St., Ste. 200, Annapolis

Deborah Gage, M.D.
Crofton Pediatrics
2225-E Defense Hwy., Crofton

  • We decided on Dr. Gage during prenatal interviews of pediatricians.  When our daughter was born we found out that she had Trisomy 18.  We contacted Dr. Gage and left her a message while we were in the NICU as to the diagnosis and that we were hoping she would be Alice's care taker for however long Alice would be with us.  Dr. Gage leaped on Alice's care with thoroughness and speed such that the Neonatologist in the NICU had to comment on how impressive Dr. Gage was.  Dr. Gage was up to speed and following Alice's progress from the NICU until today.  She has kept us calm and confident during Alice's care and Alice continues to thrive and exceed expectations.  Her approach and support to caring for a "terminally ill" baby is absolutely exceptional.  She maintains a realistic outlook but also encourages and supports us as parents as we deal with this difficult situation.  I have also heard great feedback about Dr. Gage from Alice's Hospice nurses.  I can't imagine how things would be for Alice and us without Dr. Gage as her primary medical provider. She is exceptional!
  • Dr. Gage has given us so much advice and peace of mind that I don't know how I can parent without her.  Honestly she is extremely nice, patient, caring with our baby girl and has so much advice for us.  She has always been right on the money and has always have smile for us.  We LOVE her.
  • Great listener. Very knowledgeable. Always calls you back within 24 hours. So helpful with everything and you can ask her anything!
  • She is exceptional. My children love her and I can really see in her that she loves the kids. Thanks Dr. Gage!
  • My child loves Dr. Gage.  She remembers my child and little things about her that I know, she did not write down. Dr. Gage makes my child feel comfortable and she willingly engages with my child.  When we come in for a check-up or sick visit; we never have a long wait.  A room is always available within 5-10 minutes of our arrival.  We never, ever feel rushed or neglected during our visit.  All of my questions and/or concerns are always answered and addressed no matter how crazy they may be. She is truly an amazing Doctor.       

Cristeta Gatdula, M.D.  
202 Hospital Dr., Glen Burnie

  • This lady is wonderful. I have 3 daughters and she has been our pediatrician for 27 years. She always has time to talk to you & help with whatever is troubling you. She is now the 2nd generation doctor for our family.           

Betsy F. Giannuzzi, M.S.N., A.P.R.N.C., P.N.P.
The Pediatric Group, P.C.  
12506A Lake Ridge Dr., Lake Ridge

Robert Gibson, M.D.
Pediatric Group
692-A Ritchie Hwy., Severna Park

  • Always goes above and beyond when treating my sons.  Follows up personally with phone calls to see how they are.  He is wonderful.  My boys never fear going to the doctor.
  • He is an active listener and provides treatment and feedback that is very helpful. He also is very timely about answering your concerns and questions, all with a smile.
  • We had a number of Pediatricians with the Pediatric group due to physicians leaving the practice, moving to different offices and then our own relocation.  We've had Dr. Gibson for almost 4 years now and he has been very supportive and reassuring.
  • Dr. Gibson is always accessible when we need him.  He is very knowledgeable and has been very responsive, especially in critical instances when one of our boys needed urgent medical attention.   
  • We have so enjoyed having Dr. G. as our pediatrician.  He has been an exceptional advocate for my preemie twins, requesting my insurance provider for more home health nurse visits when they were just home from the hospital, and requesting two additional RSV vaccines than was normally authorized by my insurance company, to account for their 9 week early arrival.  He has great advice and care for my older daughter as well, helping with diet choices, and some of the pre-teen stuff.  Also, his office nurse Kelly is equally as exceptional. We'd love to recognize her as well.  He makes himself available to all of his patients, returning phone calls promptly and giving very helpful and practical guidance.  We certainly hope he gets a lot of votes--he has all of ours!  Thanks!        

Jackie Gilliard, M.D.
Crofton Pediatrics
2225-E Defense Hwy, Crofton

  • The first day I took my newborn son home from the hospital in PG County. I felt as if something was wrong with my baby. I took his temperature and it was 101+ (can't remember the exact number because it was over four years ago). I called the maternity ward we left approximately 1 hr 30 mins ago. They said they could not help me nor give me any advice, they hung up the phone on me. As I grabbed my son & his diaper bag, in route to the nearest emergency room, I thought of Dr Gilliard. I met him prior to giving birth, while interviewing pediatricians. I called him. He told me to take my son to Anne Arundel Medical Center and he would have a room waiting for my son. I followed his instructions. The room was waiting for us and we were admitted. I have never received such wonderful care from hospital personnel. Tests were performed and Dr Gilliard came to visit us the next day. The follow up from Dr Gilliard during our hospital stay and when my son was released was unimaginable. I am forever grateful for getting us through that difficult time. He saved my son's life.
  • Dr. Gilliard became my daughter, Jenna Gautier's, doctor soon after Shelly Collins left the practice.  We adored Dr. Collins, but I knew Dr. Gilliard would be our PERFECT Doctor once Dr. Collins left because when Jenna was born she was Jaundice and as a first time mother I was very nervous about this.  Dr. Gilliard was the on site physician during our short stay in the Pediatric ward and he is the Doctor who took the time to explain Jaundice to us and he eased my mind into knowing Jenna was going to be just fine. I didn't even have to think about my next choice for a pediatrician!   
  • Dr. Gilliard is an exceptional doctor who is patient with children and knowledgeable in his field.  He finds the time to answer seemingly mundane questions and ensures both parents and children are satisfied when they leave.  He is example to all and a pleasure to have as a doctor for all three of our children.
  • Excellent doc! Always takes the time to ask if we have questions!!! We feel very comfortable with Dr. Gilliard.
  • Dr. Gilliard is always very thorough and informative and he has a good sense of humor. My boys feel very comfortable with him.         

Jacalyn Ginsberg, D.O.
Schmidlein, Ginsburg, Hackett M.D.s  
844 Ritchie Hwy., Ste. 206, Severna Park

  • Very caring physician with a great sense of humor and great attitude.             

Albert Gordon, M.D.
ABC Pediatricare
8601 Veterans Hwy., Ste. 201, Millersville

  • We have been taking our children here since 2004 and the office staff has been great. Dr. Gordon cares about all his patients and you never feel rushed out. They take the time to answer all your questions and concerns. Great practice!           

Robert Graw, Jr., M.D.
Davidsonville Pediatrics
2772 Rutland Rd., Davidsonville

  • He was my pediatrician and my son's. He was great and my son really liked him.
  • Doctor Graw is a wonderful doctor and person!  He started seeing my children when they were babies and has always used common sense and a sense of humor along with his sound medical advice.  Today, Dr. Graw is only seeing my son, who is now a high school senior.  At every appointment Dr.Graw takes the time to listen and relate to your concerns.  We always come away feeling that he cares very much and we always feel much better!
  • Dr. Graw is wonderful, I first met Dr. Graw, when my child first came home from the hospital as a premie (3lbs, 2oz.); the care and support that he showed was remarkable.    
  • Dr. Graw has been our pediatrician for our 5 children for many, many years. He is absolutely exceptional, and I wouldn't go anywhere else! While we rarely get to see him now, we still depend on his exceptional staff, and I know that if I need him...he is only a phone call away. Rarely do you come across a doctor today so dedicated to his practice and patients. Our family has been so very fortunate and blessed under his care.  Thank you for this opportunity to show our appreciation!
  • Always compassionate, intelligent and resourceful.  He is wonderful with children from infancy to adult!       

Andre Gvozden, M.D.
Gvozden Pediatrics  
8601 Veterans Hwy., Ste. 200, Millersville

Faith Hackett, M.D.  
844 Ritchie Hwy., Severna Park

  • She is amazing. I trust her completely. My children love her too! She is wonderful, thorough, conservative when she has to be and treats aggressively when she has to. I couldn't trust another doctor to take care of my girls!
  • She truly is the best!
  • We have been truly blessed to have Dr. Hackett as our pediatrician over the past 21 years.  She has been wonderful in times of an emergency as well as just to answer questions/concerns.    
  • I wouldn't trade Dr. Hackett for anyone.  She is a wonderful doctor who I trust 100%.  When she is in the room with the patient she is completely focused on the patient and the issues.  She takes her time and never rushes.        

Roula Hawit, M.D.
Dunkirk Pediatrics
10345 Southern M.D. Blvd., Ste. 208, Dunkirk

  • Great pediatrician!  We have been with her since the birth of my daughter 2.5 years ago and she has always been so great and easy to talk to and ask questions of.  She has a small practice and I have never had to wait past my appointment time to get in for our visits.  She is always quick to return after hours emergency calls and always asks for you to call her to follow up when your child has been sick.  Would definitely recommend her to a new parent or a parent looking for a new pediatrician!           

Valory Hill, M.D.
Annapolis Pediatrics
200 Forbes St., Ste. 200, Annapolis

John F. Irwin, M.D.  
Harbor Hospital
3001 South Hanover St,. Baltimore

Ettaly Jobes, M.D., F.A.A.P.
Arundel Pediatrics
605 Global Way, Ste. 119, Linthicum

  • Dr. Jobes and all of the staff at Arundel Pediatrics are amazing. I know my daughter is in good hands there. They are all very knowledgeable and so nice!
  • We've been seeing Dr. Jobes since the birth of our first child 5 years ago - she's funny, caring, knows and understands my children, and isn't an alarmist - which I greatly need and appreciate!
  • Dr. Jobes is the best pediatrician.  I was recommended to her by a friend of ours, after I had a baby last April.  Since then, she has taken great care of my son through both wellness checkups and sick visits.  She is very informative and really seems to care about my child's well-being.  If I have a question, I can call her voicemail, and she responds the same day; without hesitation.  She is the best pediatrician out there and I recommend her to anyone looking!
  • I have been through many pediatricians trying to find the right location and doctor...I finally got it right and have referred friends here too!
  • I nominate Dr. Jobes for her outstanding service and genuinely compassionate heart. My twin daughters were born 10 weeks early and so I was very concerned about who was going to care for my premature babies.  Not only were my girls premature but they were on heart monitors, had horrible reflux and other common issues brought on by early delivery.  From the start Dr. Jobes assessed the situation and devised a plan that not only helped my girls concur their medical issues but helped me and my family through a difficult time.  She is always patient and kind and gives us the confidence we need to get our girls on track and stay there. They are now two, with no medical issues and right on track for a normal healthy two year old. I credit Dr. Jobes and all her hard work and dedication for where my girls are now and I thank her!  This is why I nominate her for the favorite doctor of 2011.       

Dana Kim, M.D.
Annapolis Pediatrics  
Annapolis, Arnold, Gambrills & Stevensville

  • She has a magic way of calming my child down!  She's so personable and caring!           

D. James Kalliongis, M.D.
Bay Area Pediatrics
165 Log Canoe Circle., Ste. E, Stevensville

  • Dr. Kalliongis is the best pediatrician ever! He is a wonderful doctor with a terrific bedside manner. We are truly blessed to have him in our lives! His staff is amazingly friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.   
  • I don't know what I would do without Dr. K.  He is amazing.  My kids adore him.  He is kind and gentle with them yet always honest and direct with all of us.  He always makes time in his schedule to see us when I am concerned.  He saw my daughter without an appointment and referred her right away to AAMC when she began to show signs of respiratory distress.  He always makes me feel as thought I am doing a good job caring for my children.  My kids will not go to anyone else.
  • Dr. K has been an amazing pediatrician to my two and four year olds. He is smart, charismatic and funny!
  • He's just great. He's so gentle with the kids and takes the time to speak with you as a parent. He makes you feel like your kid is why he's there.
  • LOVE Dr. K! My kids love him too! Their staff is great as well.       

Kenneth M. Klebanow, M.D. & Associates, P.A.  
8821 Columbia 100 Pkwy., Columbia

Kathryn Lanciano, C.R.N.P.
Davidsonville Pediatrics
2772 Rutland Rd., Davidsonville

  • We just love her, so sweet with kids and remembers you on a personal note. She is wonderful.
  • She makes us feel comfortable in that she has our best interest at heart. Also, the Davidsonville office is like a home setting. Thank you Kathy Lanciano for helping us to stay healthy and informed about our bodies.
  • ALWAYS returns phone calls, makes every effort to see our child when needed, even when an appt. is not available, very personable!   Thank you!
  • Kathy is absolutely the best.  She is always willing to listen and answer your concerns. I know that I can call her with any questions and she will call me back same day with a response or squeeze me in to see our son.  Also we don't have to wait long when we arrive for his appointments.  We could not ask for a better Dr. and let’s not forget to mention her nurse Nicki.   
  • CNP Kathy Lanciano is my children's favorite as well as mine. She is always upbeat and happy. We never have to wait very long for our scheduled appointment. She addresses the issues of my children with much caring concern. We just adore her and give many thanks to her for taking such good care of all 5 of our children. We couldn't ask for a better provider.       
  • Kathy has been my child's pediatrician since she was born. She always goes the extra mile to make our visits extraordinary! She has always helped me and my child, I would never go anywhere else. When I moved to Frederick I found no heath care provider to even compare, so I moved back so my child could continue to receive exceptional care! I recommend Kathy to everyone I know.          

Drs. Miller, Lee, Klontz and Dias  
18109 Prince Philip Dr., Ste. 375, Olney

  • Warm and fuzzy doctors. Children love them.           

Samuel Libber, M.D.
Annapolis Pediatrics
200 Forbes St., Ste. 200, Annapolis  

  • Dr. Libber is totally amazing.  He is so caring to both his patients and his patient’s parents.  He listens to what the parents have to say and trusts in their judgment.  He is also very thorough and knowledgeable.  He is just a super pediatrician.
  • He has been my children's pediatrician for 15 years. Very caring and knowledgeable.
  • Doctor Libber was my pediatrician and now I take my baby to him.  He is personable and friendly. It is evident at every visit that he enjoys his job and cares about his patients.  He is patient and knowledgeable.   
  • Very knowledgeable. Gets it right on the first diagnosis.        

Marinela Macaraeg, M.D.
South River Pediatrics
2 Chester Plaza Chester

  • And all the rest of the South River Pediatrics staff.           

Shahab Malik, M.D.  
1414 Crain Hwy. N., Ste. 6A, Glen Burnie

  • Dr. Malik exceeds our expectations on every level.  He's attentive to all of our concerns - really takes the time to listen, and to explain things to us.  Our kids adore him and are excited to go to the doctor because they get to see him!  In a world where very few doctors give any kind of personal attention, he is one in a million!  We feel so blessed to have found him and recommend him to everyone!          

Ingrid Mazique, M.D.
Mazique Pediatrics
8957 Edmonston Rd., Greenbelt

  • Dr. Ingrid Mazique has been my 9 year old daughter’s doctor since her birth.  Every year she looks forward to her annual check up because Dr. Mazique makes her visits so comfortable and special. She says she want to be a doctor just like Dr. Mazique.           

Rachel McCandless, C.P.N.P., M.S.N.
Arundel Pediatrics  
Linthicum & Arnold

John McGrath, M.D.
Annapolis Pediatrics
1630 Main St., Ste. 201, Chester

  • Dr. McGrath takes time to know each child and is sincerely interested in talking with them and listening to their questions and concerns as well as the parents' questions.
  • We love Dr. McGrath! I recommend him to anyone I know whose insurance is accepted there. He truly is an amazing person and an excellent pediatrician.
  • Very thorough, very clean, very organized.         

Alex Mickler, C.P.N.P.
Davidsonville Pediatrics
2772 Rutland Rd., Davidsonville

  • All of your staff are wonderful, but she has something special about her.
  • She is so good with my children, not that all your doctors aren't, but she has something special.                    

Nghia Nguyen
Davidsonville Pediatrics
2772 Rutland Rd., Davidsonville

  • Great personality. Very thorough.  My son has been very comfortable during visits.
  • The best EVER!
  • We love Dr. Nguyen! He is thoughtful and answers all of our questions thoroughly (and patiently!).  Thanks Dr. Nguyen.
  • Unfortunately at the moment he has gone back to Andrews Air Force... but I am still hoping to see him in future.
  • Dr. Nguyen is a great doctor and has been very patient with my children. Last year he referred my son to have several tests run which came back indicating that my son had Perthes Disease.  The orthopaedic doctor told us to thank our pediatrician because often it goes undetected. I am forever grateful for Dr. Nguyen taking the extra steps.       

Jeffrey Nold, D.O., F.A.A.P.
Bayside Pediatrics
2568A Riva Rd., Ste. 103, Annapolis

  • THE BEST EVER!!!!!!
  • A kid tested and mother approved doctor!  Dr. Nold interacts well with my children and keeps them involved as we discuss the details of their medical care.  When something concerns me, he has a way of putting my mind at ease which is no small feat!  My children look forward to their doctor's appointments because they get to visit with Dr. Nold!   
  • Dr. Nold is overwhelmingly loved in Severna Park, Annapolis, and the surrounding area for being an incredible Pediatrician and friend. Growing up as his neighbor, he not only was the doctor that cared for us kids, but he always was organizing family cookouts, and kids' kickball games. He has educated me through my nursing education and has inspired me to work in the medical field. I will always admire Dr. Nold and appreciate everything he has done for me and my family.  
  • LOVE my pediatrician! He is so casual, shares every tidbit of info that I ask for and never makes me feel like the crazy overprotective mom that I am!        

Proinnsias O'Croinin, M.D.
Davidsonville Pediatrics
2772 Rutland Rd., Davidsonville

  • He used to be my husband’s doctor and now my son's .He listens to everything you have to say. He is also not all about spending a lot of money on baby foods and stuff he lets you know cheap ways to feed your kid what you eat (not baby food).
  • We moved over an hour away from Dr O’Croinin’s facility almost 2 years ago and still make the commute to make sure my son gets the best medical attention I believe possible. He has charisma and charm that is not taught. It just feels like the right place to take my child, and hopefully, more children to come. His assistant Missy also deserves an incredible amount of votes also for best medical professional in the world!!! That goes for both of them!
  • WONDERFUL!!  Always informative, helpful, and accurate with the diagnosis and cure. With four kids he has saved me from countless fretful moments!
  • Dr. O'Croinin personalizes every visit and follows up with a phone call.  He offers wonderful, practical advice, is extremely patient with young children, and always has a joke or two for the older children. Very supportive of parents.   
  • Dr. O'Croinin is the best pediatric physician ever. He takes the time not only to answer mine and the children’s questions but he shares jokes with them too! Plus he listens to their jokes. He inquires about their schooling and of course their hygeine, but he also explains why he does so, and what happens if you don't take care of these things the right way, in words the kids understand. Thank you Dr. O'Croinin for coming back to the Davidsonville office, we love seeing you there!       

Kee Park, M.D.  
7845 Oakwood Rd., Glen Burnie

Charles Parmele, M.D.
Annapolis Pediatrics
200 Forbes St., Ste. 200, Annapolis  

  • No pretention here.  He is supportive and on your level, no matter what the issue. Great doctor, very thorough - always makes you feel like your kids are his only patients.
  • Wonderful. He takes the time to listen, research my questions and always has time for my 3 girls.       

Pediatric Associates  
14955 Shady Grove Rd., Ste. 380, Rockville

Michelle Potter, M.D.
Potomac Pediatrics
9715 Medical Center Dr., Ste. 230, Rockville

  • The Best!           

Primary Pediatrics  
17001 Science Dr., Ste. 116,  Bowie

Julio Rameriz, M.D.  
218 Pennsylvania Ave., Centreville

Gwyn Reece, C.P.N.P.
Annapolis Pediatrics
200 Forbes St., Ste. 200, Annapolis

  • She's awesome!           

James Rice, M.D.
Annapolis Pediatrics
200 Forbes St., Ste. 200, Annapolis

Saul Roskes, M.D.
Maryland Pediatric Group
10807 Falls Rd., Ste. 200, Lutherville

Patricia Saldana, M.D.   
8651 Fort Smallwood Rd., Pasadena

Rose Marie Samaniego, M.D.
Johns Hopkins Medicine  
1132 Annapolis Rd., Ste. 201, Odenton

  • Only sorry my oldest is now an adult!  Dr. Sam is top notch.  Knows us as individuals!           

Cynthia Schaeffer, M.D., F.A.A.P.
Pediatric Place
3100 Mountain Rd., Pasadena

  • Dr. Schaeffer is the best pediatrician.  She is a Mom and has an amazing dedication to her patients. She has been so patient with me through every mini medical crisis.  I love Dr. Schaeffer.           

Donald Schneider, M.D.  
2538 Davidsonville Rd., Gambrills

  • He is the best doctor ever!  In every way, he is the absolute best!!           

Naomi Shaikh, M.D.
East West Pediatrics
1600 S. Crain Hwy., Ste. 207, Glen Burnie

  • My son has been going to Dr. Shaikh for the past 8 years.  We would not go to anyone else.  Her staff is helpful and kind and Dr. Shaikh herself is very personable, knowledgeable and understanding.  She takes her time examining your child and addresses any concerns you may have.
  • The sweetest pediatrician we've ever had!          

Perry Shelton, M.D.
Chesapeake Pediatrics, L.L.C.
21 Old Solomons Island Rd., Annapolis

Daung Silpasuvan, M.D.
Lukban and Silpasuvan, M.D.s
1430 Solomons Island Rd.,  Huntingtown

Rachel Sweeney, C.R.N.P.
Maryland Primary Care Physicians
1509 Ritchie Hwy., Arnold

Krystal V. Tibbs, C.P.N.P.
Bay Area Pediatrics
165 Log Canoe Cir., Ste. E, Stevensville

Jill Tierney, M.D.
South River Pediatrics
224A Mayo Rd., Edgewater

  • Dr. Tierney is a rare gem in the sea of super busy pediatricians. As a parent, you never feel rushed.  She takes her time, listens to your concerns, and remembers everyone.  She errs on the side of caution when appropriate and isn't too quick to medicate.           

Margaret Turner, M.D.
Annapolis Pediatrics
200 Forbes St., Ste. 200, Annapolis

Amaka Undie, M.D.
Bethany Pediatrics
10300A Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City

  • Patient, listens to parents and child, follow up.           

Rebecca Vickers, M.D., F.A.A.P.
Arundel Pediatrics, P.A.  
Arnold, Linthicum

  • Awesome doctor!
  • I have nothing but good to say about Dr. Vickers and her staff.  
  • Dr. Vickers and the staff at Arundel Pediatrics always takes the time to answer questions and help your child.  You can tell they truly care about your children!
  • I have followed Dr. Vickers to 3 different practices...she is that wonderful.  Attentive, awesome listener, always available, great with kids of all ages and a wonderful staff to back her up.  We love her!
  • After switching from two different pediatricians in a years time-we will be staying here for a long time. Dr. Vickers discovered a sickness in one of my children but then examined my other two on her own time to find another sick child. I am thankful for Arundel Pediatrics for their service and dedication!       

Meghann Wellard, M.S.N., C.P.N.P.
Arundel Pediatrics  
Linthicum & Arnold

  • I just love Meghan. She goes above and beyond. A few years ago, my youngest daughter needed attention at the E.R. While we were in the room waiting for diagnoses for the test they had given, Meghan came in to visit. She was working a shift that night and although my daughter was her patient, she recognized her name on the list and came to make sure she was alright. When we went to the office for the follow-up, Meghann had read my daughters chart and informed Dr. Vickers of the events that went on at the hospital.
  • She is amazing with our son!          

Shannon West, M.D.
Maryland Primary Care Physicians
1509 Ritchie Hwy., Arnold

  • Dr. West has been our pediatrician for six years and we couldn't ask for a better doctor.  She takes the time to really get to know you and your children.            

Young J. Youn, M.D.
Drs. Youn & Mannan
1410 Crain Hwy. N., Ste. 5A, Glen Burnie

  • Great doctor and fantastic staff.

Melissa Zanlunghi, C.R.N.P.
The Pediatric Group Crofton
2225-E Defense Hwy., Crofton

  • She is always very professional, thorough, gentle with little man, takes that extra effort to make you feel comfortable with her abilities.
  • Melissa is fabulous!  My daughter, Jordan, is always happy to see her, no matter how sick she is.  Melissa works closely with me as a parent to ensure that I'm making the best possible decisions for Jordan. The rapport that Melissa and her team have built with our family truly make them trusted advisors.  I don't know what we'd do without her!
  • Melissa has been fantastic to work with for both our children. She patiently answers our four-year-old's questions and explains things to her. I would not have been able to continue nursing our baby boy without her suggestions, which took care of the problem. She also spotted a potential issue for our baby, and got us a quick CT scan and evaluation appointment at Johns Hopkins. One thing I like is that she recommends natural remedies where they are effective.  We are very thankful for her support and knowledgeable care!
  • She has been so helpful and an overall excellent nurse practitioner for our daughter and soon to be born son.  Melissa you're the best!  Keep up the great work!
  • She is fabulous!  Wish we had found her sooner...she really works with us and cares a lot for our girls.       



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