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2012 Chesapeake Family Favorite Docs

Maryland parents have voted for the following health care practictioners as their Favorite Family Doctors. Parents are recommending these doctors because the doctors have provided families with remarkable care that goes above and beyond regular treatment. You can see by the comments left by parents that these doctors are indeed the best and favorites with the families who they care for.

Allergy and Asthma


Timothy Andrews, M.D.
"He is the only doctor I can call, and he will call in prescriptions for my daughter's chronic condition. He works with me to help her feel better as fast as possible and we love him for that reason."
"Dr Andrews is very nice. He helps me to understand my allergies and how I can still do the activities I want to do with my allergies."
Allergy & Asthma Associates


James Banks, M.D.
"I have had an allergy problem since I was in my early 20's. I finally went to him about 10 years ago, and I've never had my allergy problem under control in the spring like I do now. I still see him every 6 months, and he monitors everything perfect."
"He is knowledgeable; has a great rapport with the kids, who adore him. Very patient."
"I have seen Dr. Banks since I was a child and now take my child to him. I wouldn't go to anyone else!"
"He has a great manner with patients of all ages and is an amazing diagnostician. His own children had allergies, so he has "walked the walk"."
Allergy & Asthma Associates


Prasad Nataraj, M.D.
"Excellent patient relations and was supportive of my being allergic to cat dander, yet still keep my cat. Also a knowledgeable resource on geographic allergy locations."
"Very patient, friendly and knows his medicine. Would recommend him to everyone!"
Rekha Raveendran, M.D.
Allergy & Asthma Center
Bel Air, Baltimore, Westminster


Arnold Kirshenbaum, M.D.
"Everyone at the office is friendly. They care about their patients."
Allergy Health Care
GlenBurnie, Bowie


Duane Gels, M.D.
"Takes the time to listen and not rush us. Offers convienent hours and free parking. Staff friendly and always gets back with us when we have questions or concerns-often within an hour but definetely by the end of the day."
Annapolis Allergy and Asthma


Michael Mardiney III, M.D.
"Dr. Mardiney is very efficient and very smart about a field that could be confusing. I do not feel that I have wasted my time or money when I visit him. His staff is friendly."
Mardiney Asthma, Allergy and Immunology Centers
Bel Air, Bowie, Ellicott City, Glen Burnie, Baltimore, Reisterstown, Timonium, Westminster


Kenneth Schuberth, M.D.
"He is so patient with kids. He knows how to talk to them and engage them, he earns and keeps thier trust and respect."
Pediatric Consultants Asthma, Allergy and Immunology


Mary Beth Bollinger, D.O.
"Dr. Bollinger takes time to talk to our 14 year-old son and works with him as well as us to make the right decisions about treating his asthma."
University of Maryland Medical Center
Baltimore, Bel Air
410-706-2443 & 410-328-2999,


Birth Centers



Pascal Women's Center, Baltimore Washington Medical Center
"Great staff and family centered care. Awesome tubs and a great place to have a baby"
Glen Burnie


David Paad, CNM
"They are the best practice! Everyone knows me by name, always take their time with me, and makes me feel special."
Special Beginnings Birth and Women's Center





Patrick Graux, D.C.

"Dr. Graux treats each patient as if they were the only patient. He is engaged, compassionate -- always upbeat and positive -- you get a "contact high" just from entering the office."
"He treats me as a whole person, not just parts or pieces. He has made sure that his front office is staffed with the loveliest individual, who cares for everyone as well. I never feel better than when I am being cared for at his office."
ADIO Specific Chiropractic


Adam Brenner, D.C.
"Dr Brenner genuinly cares about his patients and is very accomadating. He will work with you no matter what your dilema."
"He not only took the pain away (that other chiropractors couldn't), he makes me smile every time I go to see him. He is genuinely nice and genuinely concerned about helping you feel your best. He is spectacular at what he does and he uses gentler methods than most. Can't say enough about how wonderful he is!"
Advantage Chiropractic
Glen Burnie


Anthony Ricci, D.C.
"Dr. Ricci is a wonderful person! He is very friendly and a fantastic chiropractor. He is knowledgeable about how chiropractic affects our whole body health. He has a wonderful staff too!"
Annapolis Family Chiropractic


Tania Howard, D.C.
Broadneck Family Chiropractic


Marissa Wallie, D.C.
"They kept me fully aligned during my third pregnancy when my back was out of wack. Dr Wallie is the sweetest, most loving doctor I've ever met."
Broadneck Family Chiropractic


William Boro, D.C., C.C.
"His methods are sometimes a bit unusual but he uses a great combination of science and intuition. I know so many people (including myself) who he has helped."
Chiropractic Center of Annapolis


Joseph Olivacz, D.C.
Chiropractic Centers of Drs. Campanella and Olivacz
Bel Air, Havre de Grace


Steven E. Clark, D.C.
"He takes a "whole patient" approach to care. He also donates to the community continuously. He's also very effective, and an excellent problem-solver."
Clark Chiropractic Center
Gaithersburg, Pasadena


Matthew Hamer, DC
"He gives me exercises to help to do at home."
Dabbs Rehabilitation Center of Maryland


Douglas Miller, DC
Dr. Douglas Miller & Associates


Larry Plotkin, D.C.
Elkridge Chiropractic


Louis Crivelli, D.C.
Greenbelt Rehab


James Holding, D.C.
Holding Chiropractic Clinic, LLC


Morgan McIlree, D.C.
Kent Island Chiropractic & Rehabilitation


Tom Chaney, D.C.
Living Health Integrative Medicine


Stephanie Chaney, D.C.
Living Health Integrative Medicine, LLC


Trevor Sykes, D.C.
Living Health Integrative Medicine, LLC


Ginger Pellerin, D.C.
Pellerin Chiropractic


Robert Rowe, D.C.
Rowe Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Center


Paul Tetro, D.C.
Takoma Chiropractic
Takoma Park


Tom Robertson, D.C.
"He never books to many patients at once so he is able to give one on one care to all of his patients!"
Whole Chiropractic Healthcare




Angela Stern, LCPC
Counseling Connections, LLC


Kristen Tarquin, Ph.D.
"Dr Tarquin takes the time to really listen to me and my child."
Spectrum Behavioral Health
Annapolis, Arnold, Crofton


Kat Mahone
"Kat is a so skilled at creating a safe and healing space for deep work, she works with individuals as well as providing IMAGO therapy for couples."


Dentist - Cosmetic


Barry Grosshandler, D.D.S.
Dr. Barry Grosshandler


Albert Lee, D.D.S.
Edward Vesely, D.D.S.
Drs. Lee, Bonfiglio, Vesely & Associates - Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry


John Louis, D.M.D.
John V. Louis Center for Specialized Dentistry


Maurice Miles, D.D.S.
"He jokes with my kids, and takes the time to have conversations with me and my husband. He is a down to earth doctor!"
Laurel Lakes Cosmetic Dentistry


Peter Passero, D.D.S.
Passero and Feeney Periodontology & Implants
Burke, McLean (VA)


Anthony DiGregorio, D.D.S.
Kashia Figueroa, D.D.S.
Tillman Sease, D.D.S.
The Dental Group
Riverdale Park


Joeseph Passaro, D.D.S.
"Dr. Joe is the best dentist in the Annapolis area! He is a master at all dental procedures from fillings to complex dental restorations."
James Wooddell, D.D.S.
"He is a genius. Solved an issue when no other dentist had no idea how. He is innovative and uses the latest technology and techniques."
Wooddell & Passaro Comprehensive Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry


Robert Zebrowski,
Zebrowski Dental Care


Dentist - General


April Calton, D.D.S.
"She is personable and friendly. She always takes the time to talk to you and make you feel like a valued part of her practice!"
"She is fantastic with nervous patients, stands behind her work, takes her time with you, explains everything, and has a good sense of humor."
"Dr. Calton has an impecible bedside manner and her staff is always so friendly. My 7 year old son just loves getting his teeth cleaned by Katherine."
"No one enjoys going to the dentist... except if your dentist is Dr. Calton!! She's funny, caring, and really puts you at ease. About Smiles is a practice good for all ages - she has a great relationship with patients young and not so young!"
About Smiles Dentistry


Allan D. Schulman, D.D.S.
Allan D. Schulman and Associates
Glen Burnie


Michael Berger, D.D.S.
Jody Waddell, D.D.S., F.A.G.D., M.S.
Annapolis Dental Associates


David Johnson, D.D.S.
Annapolis Family Dentistry


Steven R. Pohlhaus, D.D.S.
"Love the personalities of the entire staff. Everyone is friendly and they keep appointments running smoothly. When you are treated with the laser there is no shot, no numbness and you can eat/drink immediately."
Baltimore Center for Laser Dentistry


Joseph Benderson, D.M.D.
Alex Fishman, D.M.D.
BayCove Dentistry
Severna Park


Vickii Bingham-Lester, D.M.D.
Bingham-Lester Dentistry


Holly Green, D.M.D.
Blue Heron Dentistry


Julie Werner, RDH
"Julie is the best! I actually look forward to my six-month dental cleaning check ups!"
Brinster Dental


Nancy Wiener, D.D.S.
"She's just awesome! It's like visiting a friend when I go to see her. She remembers everything we talked about six months ago that wasn't even related to dentistry!"
Caton Dental Associates


Earl Chambers III, D.D.S.
"I have been his patient since the 90s. He has also worked on other family members. Besides his extensive knowledge, he always maintains a positive and happy attitude. The mood in his office is always inspiring."
Chambers Family Dentistry


Meredith Esposito, D.D.S.
Chesapeake Dental Arts


David Deitrick, D.D.S.
Deitrick Family Dentistry
Severna Park


Valentine Bauer, D.D.S.
"Staff very caring and responsive to needs. Dr. Bauer offers both adult and kids and orthodontics in one office. Very fair with prices and if ever a problem after a procedure he will always take care of it and not re charge partients."
Dr. Valentine Bauer, D.D.S., P.A.


Roger Doyel, D.D.S.
Drs. Doyel & Samson


Kimberly Burroughs, D.D.S.
"She really cares about her patients, especially the ones who don't feel comfortable with going to the dentist, she has all the state of the art equipment, she does beautiful work with crowns and she encourages her patients towards great dental care!"
"Dr. Burroughs is a terrific dentist... She's always on-time, funny and truly concerned for you when there's an emergency. You can tell she is good by retaining her great staff for years, too!"
Drs. Leary & Burroughs Family Dentistry


Jeff Perkins, D.D.S.
Drs. Mark Bernstein and Jeff Perkins D.D.S.
Silver Spring


Holly Bidwell, D.D.S.
"Dr. Bidwell is extremely thorough and detail-oriented. She is more concerned about quality than quantity. In addition, her dental office is very attractive and state-of-the-art."
H. L. Bidwell DDS, P.A.


Gene Garrett, D.D.S., PA
Kahn & Garrett


Kathryn Ehmann, D.D.S.
Kathryn Ehmann & Associates


Ryan Maisel, D.D.S.
Eugene McNinch, D.D.S.
Kent Island Dentistry


Walter Hong, D.D.S.
"He and the staff are always so friendly. He also saved a tooth that would have had to be extracted."
Lake Shore Family Dental


Jeffrey Leigh, D.M.D.
Leigh Family Dentistry


Edward Leikin, D.D.S.
Leikin and Baylin Dental Care


Monica Mattson, D.D.S
"She is very personable, kind, patient and attentive to detail."
Jay McCarl, D.D.S
"He really knows his patients and remembers what's going on in their lives. He makes everyone feel comfortable and explains everything so well. He makes me enjoy going to the dentist!"
Clayton McCarl, Jr., D.D.S
"Dr. McCarl is personable, patient and kind."
McCarl Dental Group
Greenbelt, Millersville


Bonny Mitchell, D.D.S.
"Dr. Bonny is friendly and personable, as well as being very knowledgeable. Our teenage daughter loves to come see Dr. Bonny and her staff, too."
"Thorough, organized, passionate about her work, amazing pain free delivery of novocaine injections, accommodating, great personality, wonderful office staff, referrals are always to trusted and other exceptional disciplines."
"She is very personable and pleasant. She has an incredible attention to detail and is extremely dedicated to doing the job right."
Mitchell Dental Care


Todd E. Patton, D.D.S.
Patton Smiles


John Ritter, D.M.D.
"Dr. Ritter is very compassionate, gentle and patient. He provides quality dental work."
Ritter and Lee


Michael Ruland, D.D.S.
John Ruland, D.D.S.
Ruland Family Dentistry


Scott M. Smith, D.D.S.
"Explains things to kids and makes it fun for them (my kids ASK to go to the dentist!), but also good for adults."
Scott M. Smith D.D.C. Family Dentistry


Henrik Anderson, D.D.S.


Gary Barker, D.M.D.


Mi-Lun Chow, D.D.S.


Larry Epstein, D.D.S.
Glen Burnie


Alvan Holston, D.D.S.
"He is the most competent Dentist I have ever gone to and I have gone to a lot in my 66 years."


Paul Kinsey, D.D.S.
Severna Park


Alan Kline, D.D.S.


David Schlutz, D.M.D.


Steven Vaughan, D.D.S.
Glen Burnie


Dentist - Orthodontists


P. Todd Bonner, D.D.S., M.S., P.A.
"Very knowledgable and fair in the treatment of orthodontics for children and adult. His work is absolutely beautiful. My daughter is much more confident and her self esteem is through the roof thanks to his total care!"
"Dr. Bonner is a perfectionist. We have 3 children currently in braces and each child has had a variety of orthodontic challenges. Dr. Bonner takes his time with each patient to get the best results."
All Smiles Orthodontics
Crofton, Edgewater, Severna Park


John Benkovich, D.D.S., M.S.
"For all of his Charitable activities - not only is he using his practice to help raise funds and awareness, but also to serve as a great role model."
"He is an awesome ortho who works magic with your teeth. He is caring and knowledgable. He is an artist and his staff rocks!!"
"He gets great results and is very friendly. The best part is that his appointments are always quick--you almost never have to wait in the waiting room."
"I've been seeing Dr. Benkovice for 14 years. He has always been number 1 in my book and knows his stuff when it comes to teeth. He is always looking out for the best interest of the patient and is very knowledgeable."
Benkovich Orthodontics
Annapolis, Chester


Edwin Berkinshaw, D.D.S., M.S.
Berkinshaw Orthodontics, P.A.


Jeffrey Cramer, D.D.S.
Michael Noorani, D.D.S.
"Dr. Noorani is always on-time and makes time to see you even on short-notice. He and Dr. Kramer have the best dispositions of any doctor, dentist or specialist out there. And they never add-on costs, if something extra is needed!"
Cramer and Noorani Orthodontics
Bel Air, Glen Burnie, White Marsh


Chris Koterwas, D.D.S.
"Dr. Koterwas creates beautiful smiles! He is very knowledgeable, friendly, gentle and really listens to what you have to say. You feel like family when you are in his office."
"Honest. did not pressure into treatments that were not necessary."
California, Prince Frederick


Mairead O'Reilly, D.D.S.
Mairead O'Reilly & Associates Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics


Philbin & Reinheimer Orthodontics


Karl Pick, D.D.S.. M.S.D.
Jason Shoe, D.M.D., M.S.
"Everyone is awesome! They are nice and really go out of their way to make visits as pleasureable as possible."
"He's funny, interesting, and a good orthodontist. He's been my orthodontist for years, and my teeth are awesome looking now thanks to him and Dr. Shoe."
"He is great with children! He puts them at ease, they get rewards redeemable for prizes, and he explains what he's doing when working on the children. My 10 year old loves to go to see him!"
Steven Siegel, D.M.D.
"They do exactly what they say they are going to do, fix your child's teeth at a very reasonable rate. Waiting room time is minimal and the staff is very friendly. They are also very accomodating to your schedule for appointments."
"Amazing expertise, especially in maxifacial issues. Wonderful at. communicating with patients and family. Does not overcharge and really cares about his patient's outcome. There is no one else in Anne Arundel County who comes close!"
"He is great with the kids. My son liked him so much he only wanted to schedule his appointments with Dr. Siegel, rather than the other orthodontists in the practice. And he has awesome neckties!"
Pick, Siegel and Shoe Orthodontics
Glen Burnie, Owings Mills, Reisterstown


Stephen Labbe, D.D.S.
"Dr. Labbe is wonderful with both adults and children. He always has a smile on his face, and it is infectious to those around him. His expertise is unmatched, and the team that he has built to help him create beautiful smiles is second to none. With four convenient locations, his offices are always within reach. We love Dr. Labbe and his team, and look forward to all of our orthodontic appointments!"
"He is so nice and caring. The staff is friendly and explains every step of the treatment in a way that the children feel comfortable with it as well as responsible for their own ortho care! - That is KEY!"
Stewart & Labbe Orthodontics
Annapolis, Bowie, Gambrills, Greenbelt


Benjamin Wright, D.M.D.
"Dr. Wright was great with my first daughter's orthodontic treatment. Now, my second daughter just got braces. His staff is great too."
Wright Orthodontics


Dentist - Pediatric

Pediatric Dentist in Maryland

Mahtab Khoshkhou, D.D.S.
"Office is very kid- and family-friendly. Everyone takes their time. Extremely patient and thorough. Wonderful place!"
Arundel Pediatric Dental Care


Beverly ("Dr. Sissy") Jimenez, D.D.S.
"Dr. Sissy is FANTASTIC with children! Her office is wonderfully kid friendly and designed specifically for them. She takes time to explain things to them and remembers they are the patient."
Chambers Family Dentistry


Chesapeake Pediatric Dental Group
Hanover, Perry Hall


Adam Ta, D.D.S.
"Dr Ta never forgets a thing you tell him, asks about your pets, spends lots of time with the parent explaining things. He is a joy. My kids look forward to seeing him. He is wonderful."
Children's Dental Office
Crofton, Olney


Karen Benitez, D.D.S.
"She could not be any nicer. My children love her!"
Tyson Bross, D.M.D.
"My 6 yr old loves him. She actually likes to go to the dentist! Great with kids. He is definitely in the right field!"
Nilda Collins, D.M.D.
"She is so wonderful with the children and us parents! She is a great dentist!!"
Dr. Collins & Associates Pediatric Dentistry


Michelle Decere, D.M.D.
Drs. Tull, Behling and Decere


Hae Wan Kim, D.D.S.
"She is gentle but straight forward. And, she remembers everything!! She even asks about our oldest (who is 20 now and too old to go to her) to see how he's doing!!"
Gloria Kidz Dental
Glen Burnie


Margaret McGrath, DMD, MPH, PC
"She is very caring and understands the needs of her patients including Special Needs. She provides a positive enviroment"
Kent Island Pediatric Dentistry


Robert Marcus, D.D.S.
Robert M. Marcus, DDS, LLC


Teresa Regil, D.D.S.
The Dental Group
Riverdale Park

Felix Aguto, D.D.S.
We Make Kids Smile

Maya Vernon, D.D.S.
"Dr Vernon takes special time to make my autistic daughter comfortable. She has a quiet office. Understanding staff."
"Dr. Vernon is great with me son. Since he was 4 and still at age 11. He loves going to see Dr. Vernon."
"Dr. Vernon is approachable and answers all my questions as thoroughly as I need. Dr. Vernon is wonderful with my kids and makes them feel at ease! The practice is clean and the staff is great!"
"She is amazing with kids! My son asks to go to the dentist to see her."
Vernon Pediatric Dentistry
Severna Park




Jim Heins, PA-C
Lisa Renfro, M.D.
Annapolis Dermatology Associates
Annapolis, Kent Island


Beth Diamond, M.D.
"She has saved my husband's life more than once. Dr Diamond is a dynamo! Runs her office like a well oiled machine."
Annapolis Dermatology Center


Lisa Anderson, M.D.
"She aggressively removes suspicious sun spots, which is imperative for Skin Cancer prevention."
Janet Benton, CRNP
Erin Brimhall, CRNP
William Brown, M.D.
Janet Brown, M.D.
Marianne Dawn, M.D.
Mary Farley, M.D.
Jennifer Gamber, M.D.
"Very considerate and thorough. Stays informed on the latest advances in dermatology issues and practices."
"She is always so helpful & patient. She listens to what I have to say, and is always willing to try something new to resolve any problem I have."
"She treats my whole family well. Gives information swiftly. Gives us options while also telling us what she would do!"
Allan C. Harrington, M.D.
"Adept at diagnosing, skill of treatment and concern for his patients"
"Excellent at what he does; a perfectionist."
A. Howland Hartley, M.D.
Sammy Kang, M.D.
"Dr. Kang is very kind to his patients. He treated my mother over a 3 month time frame for 7 different procedures. He was very thorough and the staff was very helpful as well."
"Dr. Kang is so special because not only is he a very nice person, he is the only dermatologist that has been able to clear my skin. I am so happy and acne free. All thanks to Dr. Kang."
Wendy Lee, M.D.
"She is very attentive and gentle with my son. He has been seeing her for Skin Allergies since he was less than a year old and i is always pleasant experience when we see her for checkups."
"Great personality and very thorough. Wonderful attitude when relating to patients."
"She is great. Not only does she know how to treat acne and take care of it, but she gives a science lesson with each visit. We love her!"
Kelly McGuigan, M.D.
Angela Peterman, M.D.
Justin Roscoe, M.D.
"He always there when I need him. If I need an appointment quickly he fits me in."
A. Frank Triana, M.D.
"There's only one word I can think of to describe Dr. Frank....FANTASTIC! He has removed well over 100 skin cancers from various spots on my body/face."
Melissa Veneracion, PA-C
"Melissa has a wonderful personality that puts you immediately at ease even when faced with unpleasant situations such as surgery. She really knows her stuff and is so compassionate."
Anne Arundel Dermatology
Annapolis, Chester, Glen Burnie, Prince Frederick, Leonardtown


Heather Pacheco, M.D.
"She is very friendly, great with children and knowledgeable."
"Nice personality. Very thorough and informative. Both my husband and I, and our teenage daughter are patients."
Capital Dermatology
Annapolis, Bethesda, Rockville, Olney


James Poulton, M.D.
"He always gets right back to me with tests results. Very patient and friendly."
James. K Poulton, MD
Severna Park


Nicole Masson, PA-C
"She's great! LOVE her enthusiam and excitment!"
MD Dermatology of Maryland
Edgewater, Lexington Park

Preet Rajan, MMS, PA-C
"She works with my kids sooo well. She talks to them on their level and they love her too!"
MD Dermatology of Maryland
Edgewater, Lexington Park


Family Practice


Patrick Canan, D.O.

Annapolis Primary Care




R. Scott Eden, M.D.
Andrew McGlone, M.D.
Annapolis Primary Care

Jonathan McCoy, M.D.
Arundel Physicians Associates, LLC
Millersville, Hanover

Ramona Seidel, M.D.
Bay Crossing Family Medicine


Stanley Wisniewski, M.D.
"Dr. Wisniewski really takes the time to care for his patients. He listens and offers sound medical advice that makes you very comfortable. His staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the practice runs very smoothly."
Cal Arundel Family Medicine


J. Michael Brooks, M.D.
Michelle Folsom, M.D.
"She is so personal with her patients. If she doesn't have the answer, she is going to do everything she can to find it. She's like House!"
Calvert Family Practice Associates
Prince Frederick


Margaret Malaro, M.D.
"She listens to what you have to say and takes a special interest in your concerns. You are not just a patinet number to her"
"She is compassinate, she listens, and she finds the problem rather than trying to just treat symptoms."
Centreville Family Medicine


Nellie Whitaker, M.D.
"She is always so thorough. I never feel rushed when I visit with her. She is always so pleasant with excellent bedside manners. I love Dr. Whitaker."
Crofton Medical Group


Chris DeBorja, M.D.
Jorge Perez-Alard, M.D.
Deborja & Perez-Alard, P.A.


Ritu Chitakki, M.D.
Dr. Ritu Chitakki MD LLC


Catherine Brophy, M.D.
"Our family has been with Dr Brophy since she opened her practice 15 years ago. She manages a very busy practice but never watches the clock. When you see her, she is totally focused on you and your health. Dr Brophy makes it a point to stay current with all aspects of state of the art treatment. She works well with specialist and is quick to make a referal when appropriate. The entire staff at Dunkirk Family Practice maintains an upbeat attitude even when the office is packed."
Dunkirk Family Practice


Susan Delean-Botkin, CRNP
"Susan goes out of her way to help her patients. She always takes the time to listen and ask questions. She refers if she feels it is necessary. I feel I am in very capable hands!"
Family Care of Easton


Kevin O'Keefe, M.D.
Greater Annapolis Medical Group

Robert Boughan, M.D.
"Dr Boughan is fabulous! He sees my children and myself. He talks to the kids and asks them questions. He is engaging and easy to talk to. Thank you Dr Boughan for your considerate bedside manner!"
John's Hopkins Community Physicians


E. Thomas Manion, M.D.
John's Hopkins Community Physicians


Mark Phillips, M.D.
Johns Hopkins Community Physicians - Waters Edge


Konni Bringman, M.D.
"She takes the time to listen to me no matter what the ailment it. In addition, she always has alternate solutions to try."
Falana Carter, M.D.
Andrea Cuniff, M.D.
"She's personable see is qiuckly and treats the whole family!! Love that she knows us all."
William Dabbs, M.D.
"Extremely thorough; very analytical."
Lorraine Dailey, M.D.
"My grandmother and I have both been long time patients of Dr Dailey. My grandmother has developed dementia over the last year and Dr Dailey has contimued to remain so patient and caring with my grandmother no matter how many times she asks the same question. This is why we elected to retain Dr Dailey as my gfrandmother's provider instead of utilizing a gerontologist for her care."
Lyn Dea, D.O.
Jonathan Forman, M.D.
Raygan Harris-Lofton, M.D.
Tracy Jansen, M.D.
"She takes the time to listen, doesn't rush you through the appointment, caring. I've never had a problem getting a last minute appointment."
Patricia Jett, M.D.
Amanda Malone, M.D.
Trang Pham, M.D.
Victor Plavner, M.D.
Erik Russell, M.D.
Maryland Primary Care Physicians
Annapolis, Arnold, Bowie, Broadneck, Columbia, Glen Burnie, Hanover, Queenstown, Pasadena


Wayne Bierbaum, M.D.
Owensville Primary Care
West River


Whay Jones, M.D.
Riva Medical Family Practice


Kim Herman, M.D.
Shore Family Medicine


Stephen Killian, M.D.
South River Family Medicine


Timothy Fry, M.D.
South River Primary Care


Elliott Gorbaty, M.D.
"Old fashion family doctor. If you call, you actually get to talk to him. If you are really ill, he will still make a house call. Listens and understands ,"
Glen Burnie


Stephan Kurylas, M.D.
"Will come in early or stay late if you have a medical need and is always available to answer questions. A very caring humanitarian."


General Surgery



Adrian Park, M.D.

AAMC Surgical Specialists
Annapolis, Easton


Cynthia Drogula, M.D.
Aiello Breast Center, BWMC
Glen Burnie


Geoffrey Saunders, M.D.
Baltimore Washington Medical Center
Glen Burnie


Nabil Badro, M.D
Dr. Nabil Badro


M. Cornelious Musara, M.D.
Glen Burnie


Vincent Sayan, M.D.


Janet Wasson, M.D.
"24/7 beeper will call you back in a minute. Proactively called me to stress the importance of certain what to do and what not to do before gallbladder surgery. Really cared about me. Has a funny personality and puts at ease."


Hospitals and Medical Centers


Anne Arundel Medical Center
"Pediatric ER is fantastic!!"


Baltimore Washington Medical Center
"This hospital has grown so much over the last decade. From a small community hospital, to a large medical center with many centers of excellence."
Glen Burnie


Internal Medicine


Jon Lowe, M.D.
Annapolis Center for Integrative Medicine


Titus Abraham, M.D.
Kevin Groszkowski, M.D.
Courtney Milne-Krohn
Annapolis Internal Medicine


Anthony Calabrese, M.D., FACG AGAF
"He's very patient, careful and plays the saxophone."
Anne Arundel Gastroenterology Associates, P.A.


Eugenia Robertson, M.D.
"She never rushes me. Really listens and always makes me feel better. She is very patient and kind.But most of all, really smart."
Arundel Physicians Associates
Hanover, Millersville


Bahador Momeni, M.D.
Arundel Physicians Associates, LLC
Hanover, Millersville

Ritu Sachdev, M.D.
"Dr. Sachdev takes the time to understand the patient's gastroentestional problems. She understands the issues the patients have and does her best to help the patient make lifestyle and dietary changes. She truly works to make the patients lives better."
Kelly Tanenholz, M.D.
Bowie Internal Medicine


John Weigel, M.D.
Calvert Internal Medicine
Prince Fredrick and Dunkirk


Ruth Gallatin, M.D.
"Dr. Gallatin is professional and thorough. Sick requests are seen that day but she encourages preventive medicine and regular checkups. Her staff is friendly and helpful. I am very pleased to be a patient of Dr. Gallatin!"
Crofton Internal Medicine


Segal Mattu, M.D.
Crofton Internal Medicine


Kunmi Majekodunmi, M.D.
"any one who makes house calls or even offers to make house call is truly special. if you dont have an appointment no problem he see you anyway. he listens and listens good. he is never too busy to talk to you and he doesnt rush you. he heals you. he is a good person as well as a good doctor."
Glen Burnie


Syed Riaz, M.D.
"Dr. Riaz has been our primary physician for many years. He's kind and helpful and his staff is friendly."
Dr. Syed Riaz, MD


Raphael Dodoo, M.D.
"Dr. Dodoo takes great care of patients. He is always pleasant with a great bed-side manner. He listens to issues, showing interest. He explains conditions patiently and actson potential problems."
Glenard family practice


Andrew Gordon, M.D
Greater Annapolis Medical Group


Andrew Gordon, M.D.
Greater Annapolis Medical Group
410-573- 2530,


Charles Phelps, M.D,
"Caring and considerate."
Greenfield Capoto


Kristen Mowry, PT, DPT, CNC, CHHC
Healing and Wellness Center of Kent Island


Wanda Rivera, M.D.
"Takes the time to make you feel comfortable with important medical issues."


Cynthia Huffaker, M.D.
"Always caring and professional. Follows thru for best care."
John Hopkins Medical Center


Erika Larson, M.D.
John's Hopkins Community Physicians


Neil Padgett, M.D., MPH
"He listens....simple as that. Not one to worry about the healthcare beaucracy....just wants to give good patient care."
Maryland Primary Care


Michael Sylva, MD
Michael Sylva, LLC


Stephen Zemel, M.D.
"reasonable and compassionate"


Julie Coloconato, M.D.
"Dr. Colodonato is very understanding and truly cares about each patient. When you leave her office you know that you have been truly cared for. Although we travel a great distance to see her, we feel that it is very worthwhile. Thank you Dr. Colodonato."
Owings Mills Internal Medicine
Owings Mills


Matthew Malta, M.D., P.A.
"He goes into the waiting room and gets the next patient himself. He once showed up at the ER after hearing my husband had been admitted just to check in on him! He truly cares about his patients like a hometown doc should."
Private Practice


Peter Ramirez, M.D.
Ramirez & Downing
Glen Burnie


Kim Boundurant, M.D.
Jeffrey Schmidlein, M.D.
"He gives excellent care and is always approachable. I love his down-to-earth approach, it always puts me at ease. He's the best!"
"Dr. Schmidlein is not only pragmatic but loving. He demonstrates a variety of knowledge on not only as a practitioner but a pioneer of new medicine and treatment. His humor and self confidence makes me feel safe and at ease."
Schmidlein, Ginsburg, Hackett, M.D.s
Severna Park


Elaine Arata, M.D.
Severna Park Medical Associates
Severna Park


Stephen Katz, M.D., F.A.C.P
"Dr. Katz always gives good advice on your care"
"He takes extra time with his patients to see that all is going well for you."
Severna Park Medical Associates
Severna Park


Tamiko Bryant, M.D.
Tamiko Bryant MD
Annapolis and Bowie


Nnaemeka Agajelu, M.D.
Glen Burnie


Sridhar Atluri, M.D.
Glen Burnie


Salvacion Dupaya-Ramirez, M.D.
Glen Burnie


Louis Malinow, M.D.


Eric Marcalus, M.D.
"Great doctor gives the best treatment. Takes the time to sit with and really listen to you."


Laser Surgery



Jared Mallalieu, C.A., M.D.
"He was great in treating my son who had warts on his foot. We had tried to have them removed before, but the laser worked very well and he was very good with him."
Laser Center of Maryland


Ross VanAntwerp, M.D., M.I.
"He has a wonderful bedside manner and is a great listener."
Laser Center of Maryland


Kelly O'Donnell, M.D.
"She takes time to listen to her patients. Patient care is put first and foremost."
O'Donnell Vein and Medical Spa


Mental Health



Jack Vaeth, M.D.
Jack Vaeth, MD
Annapolis, Cockeysville


Adam Roth, M.D.
"Dr. Roth doesn't watch a timer when he is with his patients. He is willing to give them as much time as they need, especially during a crisis. Knowing that, he is worth the extra waiting room time."
Private Practice of Psychiatry


Joyce Cooper-Kahn, Ph.D.
Psychological Resource Associates
Severna Park


Harry Brandt, M.D.
"Kept me alive for 20 years, very compassionate"
The Center for Eating Disorders At Sheppard Pratt


Matthew Cianfrani, Ph.D.
"Gives great insight and helps children cope and grow!"





Paula Greer, CNM
"She is the best Midwife ever. She goes above and beyond the call of duty she gives out her cell phone number to her patients so if they have a problem they can call them directly. I dont know what I would do without her."
"Paula Greer is a Midwife with BW Ob Docs. Her patients love her genuine compassion. Paula is very professional and has a "patient first" priority. She makes the birthing process everything the mom's want them to be."
"She is the best Midwife ever. She goes above and beyond the call of duty she gives out her cell phone number to her patients so if they have a problem they can call them directly. I dont know what I would do without her."
Baltimore Washington Women's Health Associates

Marie Herrick, CNM
"Marie is a truly dedicated midwife who is always there for her patients, the staff and her coworkers"
Baltimore Washington Women's Health Associates


Shaina French, CNM
"She listens, cares and provides incredible care."
Bay Area Midwifery Center




Aditya Parshad, M.D.
"Excellent patient care skills, makes you feel comfortable and very compassionate and respectful. Looking forward to him delivering my daughter!"
"Dr. Parshad delivered my son in August 2012. I had a difficult delivery and it did not go at all as expected. He was there every step of the way and I felt so much better knowing that he had the situation under control. In an emergent situation, he kept me healthy and delivered my son safely. He is an amazing doctor, the best in his field and it is time that everyone see that!"
Aditya Parshad
Glen Burnie


Richard Welch, MD
"Warm, friendly, listens, doesn't always expect the worst."
Annapolis OB GYN
Glen Burnie
Kent Island
Pascal Women's Center at BWMC
Waugh Chapel


Suleika Just-Buddy Michel, M.D.
"She was amazing with my treatment and care through a miscarriage and 2 higher risk pregnancies with gestational diabetes."
Jemel Bingham, M.D.
"Dr. Bingham has by far the best bedside manner. Probably the most caring, professional doctor that I have ever known. Treats every patient like they are special."
Parabh Gill, M.D.
Elizabeth Greeley, MD/MPH
"She is so wonderful to her patients."
Pablo Argeles, M.D., M.P.H.
"If it were not for him, I would not have my precious baby girl!"
Elizabeth Greeley, M.D., M.P.H.
Frederick Guckes, M.D.
Karen Hardart, M.D.
Mark Repka, M.D.
"Dr. Repka is such a great guy. While I didn't have the opportunity to let him deliver any of my children. I try to see him exclusively. He is top notch in his knowledge and is a joy to work with."
Annapolis OB/Gyn Associates, P.A.
Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Kent Island, Waugh Chapel


Briana Walton, M.D.
"Compassionate and caring and superb surgical skills"
Anne Arundel Women's Health
443 481-1199,


Homayara Aziz, M.D.
"Dr Aziz delivered my grandbaby and she was just so nice"
"Dr. Aziz did my surgery and since then, my life has completely changed. She was pleasant, kind and really cared about me as a patient"
Baltimore Washington Womens Health Asssociates


Ella Gayoso-Adam, M.D., FACOG
"She is always available to back up the midwives and is truly a team player"
Baltimore Washington Womens Health Asssociates
Hanover and Glen Burnie


Bernadine Geary, CRNP
"She is the reason why I go to such an uncomfortable annual appt. funny, direct, eye contact, overall GREAT bedside manner. Taking care of myself means taking care of my family"
Nicole Lueke, M.D.
"Dr. Lueke keeps it real. She is very approachable. Anticipates concerns and needs of her patients and takes the time to fully explore them."
Heather Herman, M.D.
Chasity Edwards, M.D.
Marcus Penn, OB/GYN
Chesapeake Women's Care
Gambrills, Annapolis


Dennis S. Ginsberg, M.D.
Columbia Medical Practice - Gynecology


Susan Todd Peeler, M.D.
"She is welling to take Medicare patients when other practices of GYN turn them away."
Comprehensive Gynecology Center


Adela Navarro, M.D.
Harbor Women's Care
Baltimore, Catonsville, Pasadena


Teresa Hoffman, M.D.
"When I have an appointment with Dr. Hoffman it's almost like visiting an old friend! I look forward to seeing her and she always makes you feel good about yourself. She provides excellent care and makes her patients feel at ease."
Hoffman and Associates
Baltimore, Catonsville, Dundalk


Roxanne Jamshidi, M.D., MHP
"She always has sound advice and answers questions in a way that is understandable without being condescending."
John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center


Lakshmi Nimmagadda, M.D.
"Personal care is given to each patient. She is always kind and helpful. Been a patient for over 20 years, she's awesome."
Lakshmi Nimmagadda
Glen Burnie


Lori Sweitzer, D.O.
"When we learned our son had a fatal neurological disoreder, she counseled us and supported us throughout the entire pregnancy and delivery-never pressuring us to terminate the pregnancy early- allowing us to spend as much time with his as possible before he passed away."


Teresa Hoffman, M.D.
"Safe, compassionate and friendly. Knowledgable clinician with excellent bedside manner."
Mercy Hospital Labor and Delivery
(410) 332-9000,


Theresa Buckson, M.D.
"She is so caring and attentive to her patients. I would follow her anywhere."
Pavilion OB/GYN


Debora Whitehurst-Brown, M.D.
"Dr. Brown has been my gyn doctor for 22 years. She is trustful, loyal, committed, caring, understanding, personable."
Premier ObGyn
Glen Burnie and Odenton


Chasheryl Leslie-Holman, M.D.
Premier ObGyn, LLC


John Niles, M.D.
Primary Care Women's Services, P.C.


Chandra Graham-Parker, M.D.
Scartascini and Rogers OB/GYN


Julie Jacobstein, M.D.
Sinai Hospital of Baltimore


Debra Boyd, MSN, CRNP
"Very pleasant to deal with and pap tests were bearable with her."
Susquehanna Obstetrics, Gynecology and Nurse Midwivery
Havre de Grace and Bel Air


George Williamson, M.D.
Williamson & Ortega, MDs

Janice Bird, M.D.
Melissa Moen, M.D.
Miriam Yudkoff, M.D.
Women OB/GYN
Annapolis, Chester


Linda Follette, CRNP
Women's Health Care Associates, P.A.


Debra Hardy-Cartwright, M.D.
Women's Health Care Associates, P.A.


Harvey Brilliant, M.D.
Glen Burnie


Occupational Therapy


Annapolis Children's Therapy Center


Debra Taylor, O.T.R./L
Chesapeake Occupational Therapy Associates, LLC


Crystal Gault, OTR-L
"Crystal has helped our son grow and build skills we never thought that he could. She is patient and kind, and has always been a helpful resource to us. We cannot say enough wonderful things about her, she is truly special."
Erin Peppard, OTR-L
Maria Staudigel, O.T.R./L
"Maria is amazing with my daughter! We've been seeing her for almost a year and my 4 yr old has improved a great deal. While we still have goals to reach, it's no doubt that working with Maria is the reason we've seen such improvement."
Cypress Creek Therapy
Edgewater, Severna Park


"Great group of Physical therapists who have brought me through 3 auto accidents and keep me moving."
Fitness Forum Physical Therapy
(410) 295-4941,


MedStar NRH Rehabilitation Network, Pasadena


Therapy Solutions for Children
Severna Park


Dina Breslin, O.T.R./L
"She is so special and always willing to help out!"




Samuel Boles, M.D.
"Extremely professional physician as well as office staff...Extremely knowledgable; Spends lots of time with patient explaining and answering questions; Sends patient report of visit"
"He keeps me seeing even through I have Glaucoma.The office is very friendly and makes the trip to the doctor's office not so scary."
Anne Arundel Eye Center


Brad Spagnolo, M.D., F.A.C.S.
"He's just a great doctor."
Baltimore Washington Eye Center
Glen Burnie and Clarksville

Paul Hsiao Shao, D.O.
BJ's Wholesale Optical


Chesapeake Eye Care and Laser Center


Lee Snyder, M.D.
Greater Baltimore Medical Center


John Avallone, M.D.
"The boys love to go see him. His screen "magically" switches from movies to letters. for the kids to watch and read. Very patient with the kids."
"He is very caring and can relate to kids. He knows when to be serious with his patients to get the results he needs or when he needs to be silly."
Ophthalmology Associates of Greater Annapolis


Christine King, D.O.
"Exceptional bedside manner. Very helpful in finding the least expensive options."
Professional Eye Care


Sachin Kalyani, M.D.
"Dr. K is very attentive and caring to both my son and myself. He answers any questions I have as well as makes my 9 year old son feel comfortable with any concerns he may have."
"He takes his time to explain any questions, sends information to my other Glaucoma doctor, sends followup to Dr. Miller (who referred me to Rutzen Eye) and he's very thorough!"
"Dr. Kalyani is very professional and knkowledgeable. He even returned my emergency call right away at 7:30 in the morning!"
Rutzen Eye Specialists
Severna Park


Allan Rutzen, M.D., FACS
"His calm demeanor is exceptional! He takes time to answer questions & concerns of patients. Great doctor and staff!"
"Dr. A. Rutzen is an A+ doctor. He is patient, precise, detailed and brilliant! He is an example of someone who strives to be his best."
"I have known Dr. Rutzen for many years - he has always been very thorough, very helpful, and a very good doctor."
"He is a true professinal whose expertise in diagnosing and treating corneal patients is first class. My quality of life has improved dramatically!"
Rutzen Eye Specialists
Severna Park


Stephen Solomon, M.D.
"Fabulous expertise"
Solomon Eye Associates
Bowie and Greenbelt


Jonathan Solomon, M.D.
Solomon Eye Associates - Physicians & Surgeons
Bowie, Greenbelt


Marie Brigham, M.D.
"One doctor office; very patient oriented; never rushed...front office efficient"


Allan Jensen, M.D.
"Has kept my eyes working despite my problem with one lazy eye and has sent me to the best surgeon for eye operation, Dr. Stark on Wilmer eye, Baltimore."




Louis Ruland, M.S., M.D.
"Operated on both my husband and daughter's knees. Such compassion and knowledge."
Garth Smith, M.D.
"Professional, friendly, good with children."
Justin Cashman, M.D.
Anne Arundel Orthopaedic Surgeons
Annapolis, Bowie and Glen Burnie


Stephen Brown, M.D.
"Dr. Stephen Brown is very careing to his patient. he will do everythinghe can to keep you have having surgery done.You became a member of his family when you are a patient of his. He knows had to keep you calm and not as worry ahen you do need surgery."
Bay Area Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
Arnold, Bowie, Chester, Glen Burnie


Vivek Sood, M.D.
"Very understanding when it comes to pain. he strongly belives in making you pain free. very understandable."
"Does not rush into surgery, explains all options well."
Bay Area Orthopedics
Glen Burnie, Kent Island and Arnold


Randy F. Davis, M.D.
"Treats the patients and staff great. Works very hard to do a good job."
BWMC Spine


Bryan Kleeper, M.D.
Chesapeake Orthopedics
Glen Burnie and Hanover


James Murphy III, M.D.
Dr. James C. Murphy III, MD
Glen Burnie


Amir Moinfar, M.D.
Elite Orthopaedic & Musculoskeletal Center
Glen Burnie


Gary Dix, M.D. , FRCS(C)
"Caring wonderful, thorough."
Md Brain and Spine
Annapolis, Bowie, Chester, Owdenton and Clinton


Marc F. Brassard, M.D.
Peter Ove, M.D.
The Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center, LLC
Annapolis, Bowie, Millersville, Odenton




Heidi Fritz, DVM
"Is very willing to work with us on taking care of my dog and cat."
Aberdeen Veterinary Clinic


Carol Burke, CRNP, LAC
"Very peaceful."


Laura Inman Mitchell, LMT, CST, LLCC
"Laura is a talented and intuitive CranioSacral Therapist who facilitates lasting change for her clients. She works with people of all ages and specializes in Pediatrics."
Alchemy Healing Arts Center


Elyse Provencher, M.Ac.
"Elyse is a gifted Acupuncturist practicing here in Annapolis since 2005. She treats you with traditional five element acupuncture and really gives you her full attention in a private treatment room. I also like her because she takes my health insurance."
Annapolis Acupuncture and Healing Center


Marco Mejia, M.D.
Annapolis Cardiology Associates


Tara Pomponio, MS, PA-C
"Tara is a physician's assistant with Annapolis OB/Gyn. She is a very caring, competent provider who takes extra time with her patients and makes sure you leave happy and pleased with the care you received."
Annapolis OB/Gyn Associates
Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Kent Island, Waugh Chapel


Deborah Odell, D.D.S.
"Her knowledge of gums and gum problems is extensive. She understands that folks (like me) are nervous about gum surgery and makes them feel comfortable. Love her staff - very friendly."
Annapolis Periodontics


Gerald Nestadt, M.D., M.P.H
Anxiety Disorders Clinic/ Johns Hopkins Hospital


Neil Patrick McGarvey, PharmD, RPh
Arnold Professional Pharmacy


Clifford Solomon, M.D.
"He is very compassionate and cares for all people"
Baltimore Washington Medical Center


Steven Abert, M.D.
"He has an excellent rapport with er staff and is great in an emergency situation. Also has great mannerism with patients."
BWMC Emergency Medicine


Frederick T. Sutter, MD, LLC
Center for Wellness Medicine


Michael S. Epstein, M.D., F.A.C.G.
"Extremely knowledgeable and outstanding hands-on practice skills."
Digestive Disorders Associates
Annapolis, Chester & Odenton


Megan Gordon-Hall, M.Ac.
"Megan is an acupuncturist who has helped me and my friends immensely with varios medical issues - from joint pain to pregnancy issues to quitting smoking."
East West Healing Arts


Timothy Monahan, D.P.M.
"Very helpful, informative and caring"
Eastern Shore Family Foot Care
Centreville, Kent Island and Denton


Lila Tarmin, M.D.
"Dr. Tarmin does a wonderful job. She has great knowledge of GI disorders and solutions to them as well. She has helped me through a lot."
Endocentre at Quarterfield Station
Glen Burnie, Pikesville and Baltimore


Kevin Passero, N.D.
"He is a very smart and helpful practitioner who only has good health ideas for his patients. I have severe asthma and his guidance has helped me be practically asthma free."
"Dr. Passero worked with me and my primary care doctor to help me stabilize my thyroid issues. He is amazing!"
"Illness can take a toll on the body. Dr. Passero practices true preventive medicine which assists the body in healing itself."
Green Healing Wellness


Morris Shochet, M.D.
"I had aquired an infectious lesion. I was scared and embarrased. Dr Shochet never made me feel like it was my fault that I had gotten this community aquired infection. He treated me like a normal person, he was very professional and he educated me as to how to care for this."
Infectious Disease at BWMC
Glen Burnie


Lindsay Fox, M.Ac.
"She is very knowledgable and caring!"
Meadow Hill Wellness


Holly Heilman, M.Ac.
"Holly is an excellent acupuncturist and has helped me tremendously with back and shoulder pain. She is friendly, caring and has a great manner and is extremely professional."
Meadow Hill Wellness
(410) 263-0411,


Sara Poldmae, M.Ac.
"Mrs. Poldmae has relieved my headaches in a natural way with no side effects. Always takes time to listen."
Meadow Hill Wellness


Dawn Gretz, D.P.M
"She saved me from loosing a toe. I didn't realize my sugar level was elevated. I never had diabetes. She checks my feet every 3 months. She is very friendly and never rushes me."
Medstar Harbor Hospital
Glen Burnie and Baltimore


Vince Culotta, PH.D., ABN
"Smart, thorough, practical, talks well with parents, kids and teachers. extensive studies, based on expereince and research, knowledgeable, caring"
Neurobehavioral Associates


Emmanuel Osuji, M.D.
"Takes care of his patients and co workers"
Severn Anesthesia


Mark Sivieri
The Sivieri Wellness Center
Bethesda, Columbia, Denton

David Heath, M.D.
"Outstanding patient relations."
Vision Associates
Havre de Grace, Edgewood, Bel Air, Forest Hill, Aberdeen and Elkton.
410-939-2200 or 410-642-3437,


Edward D. Zimmerman, M.D.
"He is one of the most kind people I have ever met. Let alone a doctor. Great guy and he knows what he is talking about!"
Woodholme GI
Pikesville, Baltimore, Severn, Glen Burnie, Eldersberg, and Catonsville.


Ross Cohen, D.P.M., ABPS
"Makes time to see patients"


Samuel Oketunji, M.D.
"This doctor will go beyond what is expected of him. He is easy to talk to."


Otolaryngology (ENT)


Gregory Heacock, M.D.
Matthew Hilburn, M.D.
J. Michael Pardo, M.D.
"Mike is great with kids and wonderfully conservative. He won't recommend surgery unless it is truly the best option. I trust my children's care to him."
Joydeep Som, M.D.
"Dr. Som and the staff are amazing. My daughter has had ear problems since she was a few months old, now at 2-1/2 years old she has almost completely recovered, Dr. Som helped us through the entire process! Thanks so much!!"
Annapolis Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy Associates


Robert Meek, III, M.D.
Anne Arundel Ear, Nose & Throat


Avron Marcus, M.D.
Kent Island, Odenton, Glen Burnie, Annapolis


Jeffrey Pacheco, M.D.
"HE has a very easy manner about himself and works with you to solve medical concerns."
Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, Glen Burnie, Kent Island, Laurel, Odenton


Lee Kleiman, M.D.
"Dr Kleiman is patient and caring. He performed my sinus surgery and always spelled everything out so clearly for me to understand throught the whole process."
Severn River ENT
Severna Park



Monta Conrad, M.D.
"He is always kind and patient, no matter how many questions I ask as a new Mom. Always asks how I am doing, as well as my daughter. Courteous and professional too. The practice has many locations, and the staff are always friendly."
Katherine Edwards, M.D.
"Dr. Edwards really cares about her little patients and it shows in the time that she spends with each one!"
"She's understanding and sympathetic to the realities of parenthood. Although the books and charts may say one thing, each patient may not necessarily fit the norm and she understands that."
Sefanit Fassil, M.D.
"She has always be so patient and caring. She remembers the kids' name and history. She would also tell us what's not useful so we wouldn't waste our money."
"She is very kid friendly and makes them feel comfortable in the dr's office. She is patient and takes the time to listen and explain things to the children. She is wonderful and we're very lucky to have her as our doctor for our children."
Piyumi Fonseka, M.D.
"She is so friendly and always takes the time to answer questions and thoroughly explain. She's also a great encourager! My two girls love her!"
Valory Hill, M.D.
"Dr. Hill listens and is very reassuring and calming. To a first time mom she is very willing to answer questions and takes excellent care of our son."
Dana Kim, M.D.
"I have used Dr. Kim for both of my children. Even after we moved away I still travel to use her. Her bedside manner is unparalleled. Her knowledge base is incredible and her compassion other Physicians should be envious of."
"She has always given me great advice and always there when I have questions. Always remembers my childrens names and history. She truly shows her care and her love for her job. I always refer her to friends."
"Dr. Kim is great talking with teenagers!"
"Dr. Kim is nurturing and caring. She is knowledgeable and seeks parent input. She takes her time with patients to ensure that they are comfortable. My daughter was a NICU baby and Dr. Kim was attentive to her needs. I HIGHLY recommend her"
Mark Lester, M.D.
Samuel Libber, M.D.
"Dr. Libber has been our pediatrician for 12 years. He is great with children - infant through teenager. He has a kind approach and makes both parents and kids feel well cared for."
"Dr. Libber is also a pediatric endocrinologist. I trust him so completely that we left our team at Hopkins to see him exclusively."
"I have been going to Dr. Libber for 17 years. My five children love going to him. He is kind, patient, and very knowledgeable."
John McGrath, M.D.
"Dr. McGrath really connects with the pre-teen and teenagers. He talks directly to them, makes them comfortable and at ease during their visits. They always come out of their appointments laughing and are never nervous about an appointment with him!"
"Dr. McGrath is always reachable. He provides a calm environment with the kids, and you can always count on him to make you laugh."
"He is very thorough, patient, takes his time with his patients, but most of all he listens to what we say to him and takes our point of view into consideration when caring for our children!"
Kristen Medina, CPNP
"Shes got the best bedside manner and is always thorough. I feel like she listens to what I have to offer and she always has a smile on her face."
Charles Parmele, M.D.
"He takes his time and address not just health issues but the whole child. Emotional well being is his speciality."
"He treats parents as partners in their children's care."
"Great attitude toward the my two boys, whether it is dealing with issues such as Juvenile Diabetes or behavioral/attitude issues."
Kay Pessango, CPNP
"Kay takes the time to get to know my kids. They look forward to seeing her. She is excellent in both providing care and making us all comfortable. I truly feel she loves my kids!!"
Gwyn Reece, C.P.N.P.
"Gwynn Reece takes such wonderful care of my children. She doesn't make me feel like a crazy mom and listens to all my concerns. My children love her!"
Annapolis Pediatrics
Annapolis, Arnold, Chester, Gambrills


James Rice, M.D.
"He takes care of all of our foster babies even before we have the insurance for them."
"All 3 of my children have had Dr. Rice as their pediatrician since birth. For 14 years we have relied on him to help us through a host of sicknesses and injuries. He is thorough, compassionate and always follows up with us. We are big Dr. Rice fans."
"He's excellent in calming my kids when they have to go to the doctor, and explains to them what he needs to do without alarming them. He identified an issue with my son's health and referred us to a specialist immediately."
"Dr. Rice is amazing with children of all ages. Not an alarmist but easy to talk to and is extremely educated. He is not opposed to consulting with other doctors to get to the bottom of an issue. Such great bedside manners. Thank you Dr. Rice!"
Margaret Turner, M.D.
"Having 3 children of her own, she easily relates to her patients and their parents. She takes her time with each patient and makes sure that both parent and child are taken care of before the appt. is over"
"A mom and a doctor who makes first time parents comfortable right away. She takes the time to explain everything thoroughly, but has a sense of humor too. A perfect combination! I wouldn't take my child anywhere else!"
"She is great with children. My son absolutely loves her. He is 3. She is a straight shooter when it comes to giving the parent information and she always suggests alternate treatments."
"Dr. Turner is very personable and knowledgeable. She always listens and respects my input. She is a qualified and confident doctor who always has the best interest of her patients in the forefront."
Annapolis Pediatrics
Annapolis, Arnold, Chester, Gambrills

Rebecca Vickers, M.D., F.A.A.P.
"She takes the time to speak with families and will get you in the same day even if she has to stay late. She personally returns calls to us to answer questions and offers phone call consults at an agreed time with a parent. Dr. Vickers not only practices traditional medicine but is very knowledgable about vitamins and supplements and other alternative treatments-although does not push any of these if family is not interested. She will give an honest opinion about whether she can treat your child but if she feels something is more than she is comfortable working with she will let you know. My son is special needs and she has been incredrible!!"
Arundel Pediatrics
Arnold, Linthicum


Mariam Bahrami, M.D.
"Dr. Bahrami is wonderful. Her office is caring and convenient. My children love her."
Azar M. Dashti MD PA


D. James Kalliongis, M.D.
"Very knowledgable. Always knows the "new" information. Knows many specialist in the Baltimore/DC Area to help in a crisis. My Kids Love him."
Krystal Richardson, CPNP
Bay Area Pediatrics


Manbir Singh, M.D.
"He is wonderful with my daughter. You can tell by the time he takes with his patients that he truly loves children. My daughter, Lucie, loves Dr. Singh."
Meghan Chiu, M.D.
"She takes time with patients, is kind, thorough and listens to her patients."
Bay Shore Pediatrics
Prince Frederick


Diego Escobosa, M.D., FAAP
"Dr. Escobosa always takes the time to thoroughly examine my kids and answer all my questions. He is extremely knowlageable on ADD & ADHD and is continually learning about these disorders."
Bayside Pediatrics


Jeffrey Nold, D.O., FAAP
"Dr. Nold has provided great care for my 3 children. Even though they are now in early adulthood, they still turn to him for their medical needs."
Bayside Pediatrics


Donald Schneider, M.D.
"No nonsense approach and always knows what is wrong immediately. Great with the kids!!!"
BelliAcres Pediatrics


Sushma Bhasin, M.D.
Bhasin Pediatrics
Glen Burnie


Ettaly Jobes, M.D.
"She's patient, knowledgable, takes the time to talk to the parents. She's been my kids pediatrician since the were born. They are 8 and 6 now and she's been wonderful at caring for them."
Chesapeake Pediatrics


Nicole Namour, M.D.
"She treats my children like people and not a number. She is always very understanding and listens to all our concerns. We never feel rushed out. She has a very professional and friendly bedside manner."
Children's Medical Practice Hopkins Bayview


Michael Rosner, M.D.
"Gentle, friendly, and personable."
Dr. Michael Rosner, M.D.


Ruth Agwuna, M.D., F.A.A.P
"Caring, Compassinate, and intelligent"
Dr. Ruth Agwuna


Stacy Scott-McKinney, M.D.
Drs. Feldman, Burgin, Glaser, Delaney, & Scott-McKinney
College Park, Laurel


Alan Smith, M.D., F.A.A.P.
Drs. Smith & Guarinello
Upper Marlboro, Waldorf


Julie Venuti, CRNP
Family Practice of Crofton


Andre Gvozden, M.D.
"Dr Gvozden is a special pediatrician because he genuinely loves what he does and it shows in the way he interacts with the children. You can also tell he cares by the values and practices he instills in his staff. Everyone in the office is a joy to interact with and they all go above and beyond what I really expect from a doctor's office."
Gvozden Pediatrics


Ritha Chea, M.D.
"Amazing pediatrician who sincerely cares for her patients."
John Hopkins Community Physicians


Trina Frankel, D.O.
"Kind, Understanding, Professional and Knowledgeable"
John Hopkins Community Physicians


Georgette Sims, M.D.
Johns Hopkins Community Physicians


Lisa Horton, M.D., PA
"she takes time with you, she will research what the best cares is for your child. She also stays on top of all the current medical information. If she feels you need to see a specialist she will refer you instead trying to treat you herself."
Lisa Horton, M.D.
Glen Burnie


Dr. Anthony Vazzano, Dr. Sara Spinner-Block, Dr. Orzech,
"They are great with the kids, always run on time and were highly referred to us by our friends."
Main Street Pediatrics
Reisterstown and Towson


Marta Markman, M.D.
"Treats all her patients with respect and dignity. Makes us as the patients feel like if we were family. Always so friendly and has a beautiful smile. She is just awesome."
Marta Markman & Associates


Michael Darden, M.D., P.A.
"He is sweet, kind, friendly and my boys love him."
Michael D. Darden M.D. P.A.


Cynthia Schaeffer, M.D., F.A.A.P.
"Has been my children's pediatrician since they were toddlers. Caring, patient, willing to help in every way. Super person."
Pediatric Place


Faith Hackett, M.D.
"Caring, kind. Has always been available to spend time with me and my children. I have an Autistic child and she is always patient with Dana and spends the extra time to help Dana get through the visit."
Schmidlein, Ginsburg, Hackett, M.D.s
Severna Park


Azam Baig, M.D.
South River Pediatrics
Chester, Dunkirk, Edgewater


Jacalyn Ginsburg, D.O.
"Dr. Ginsburg has a sensational sense of humor which make the entire doctors office experience an enjoyable one. She is able to connect with both the kids and parents and provide exceptional care."


Farhad Aliabadi, M.D.
Craytonia Davis, M.D.
"He 'gets' ADHD kids; he always has time to talk (even though it puts him behind schedule)"
Carol Forsyth, C.R.N.P.
"Carol is simply wonderful! My daughters love her. She always has time for us and returns phone calls AND emails promptly. So happy we found her 5+ years ago."
"Carol has provided care for my three children, starting with seeing my first-born son while still in the hospital after birth. She is caring, listens to concerns in a non-judgemental way, approaches health care in a holistic manner and has even provided a shoulder to cry on."
Deborah Gage, M.D.
Robert Gibson, M.D.
"Dr.Gibson has been seeing my daughter, Sophia, since she was 3 days old. He is the most kind hearted man I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Its always a joy going to the office, even if its for a sick visit. The staff as well as Dr Gibson always do their best to make it a fun, quick, and painless. And Sophia just adores him, as do I!"
Kathryn Lanciano, C.R.N.P.
"She is flexible and forthcoming with information. She readily answers questions in layman's terms and has our children's best interest at heart-always!"
"She and her staff do an excellent job caring for my twins. They "double team" to make our appointments quick and easy. She returns calls quickly, answers questions and calls in prescriptions and refills to my pharmacy so I do not have to wait for it."
Proinnsias O'Croinin, M.D.
"Dr. O'Cronin has cared for my children for 10 years now and he never doubts anything. He is very thorough and doesn't miss a thing. He tells jokes and stories to the kids. He is very caring, and loving to the kids! He's just and awesome doctor!!"
"He has always gone above and beyond for our family, even going as far as offering his pager # when our son was first born. We love Dr.O and would travel any distance to see him."
The Pediatric Group
Crofton, Davidsonville, Severna Park


Young Youn
"Dr. Youn has cared for my kids for 20 years and other family members before that. He has always made them feel special. He is kind and gentle and makes the kids laugh."
Glen Burnie


Physical Therapy


Annapolis Children's Therapy Center


Annapolis Family Physical Therapy
"The staff is open and personable and they are very accommodating when I have to bring my kids to an appointment."
Severna Park


Charlie Black, PT
"Best PT ever! He and his team are very caring and always there when you need them."


Robert Dowd, PT, DPT, OCS, MHA, JSCC-I
Atlantic Rehab


Kristina Castro, PT, DPT
Rick Fortune, PTA
"Even though Rick is not my therapist, he always has a kind word or a funny comment. He really keeps it light and helps the therapy sessions to go quicker. He is delightful!"
Rick Fortune, PTA
"Rick and the whole team at CCT are awesome. I wouldn't go any place else."
Laura Sanner, PT, DPT
Kerry Kelleher, PTA
Abby Swope, PT
"Encourages me; understands when I am having a not so good day. Reminds me it hasn't been THAT long since the surgery; it WILL get better."
Cypress Creek Therapy Associates
Severna Park and Edgewater


David Fletcher, MPT, CEAS, CPT, CWI
"He is extraordinary in that he is extremely conscientious and genuinely cares about the well being of his patients. He practices wholistic/whole being. His dedication to the field is very admirable."
Ergonomically Correct


Bonnie Aiello, DPT
"Great, knowledgeable staff."
Medstar NRH Rehab Network, Pasadena


Teresa Saunders, DPT
"Teresa handles my questions effectively and provides routine feedback about how I am progressing"
Medstar NRH Rehab Network, Pasadena


Plastic Surgery


Haven Barlow, F.A.C.S.
Chesapeake Plastic Surgery
Annapolis, Baltimore, Crofton


C. Coleman Brown, M.D., FACS
Chevy Chase Plastic Surgery


Gary Vela, M.D., F.A.C.S.
"He takes phenominal care with his patients. He does excellent work. He went through my entire breast cancer surgery & reconstruction with me and my husband. He has also done work on my husband and father."
Prestige Plastic Surgery
Annapolis, Columbia


Nelson Goldberg, M.D.
University of Maryland Medical Center
UUMC-Baltimore, BWMC-Glen Burnie


Henry D. Sandel IV, MD FACS

Sandel Center

127 Lubrano Dr #102  Annapolis




Stewart Axelbaum, M.D.
"He stayed in the room with me when I was having a kidney procedure done because I was scared (even though the tech was only needed)"
Advanced Radiology
Zuzana Chamrova, M.D.
"Excellent decision making and procedural skills"
Anis Frayha, M.D.
"Great radiologist, personable, takes care to relay important information to referring physicians"
Bertan Ozgun, M.D.
"He cares about the big and small - from being very detail oriented and careful to making someone smile in passing. His work goes beyond patient care - he is a great doctor, community member, father, and friend."
Charul Saini, M.D.
Advanced Radiology
Annapolis, Baltimore, Bel Air, Eldersburg, Ellicott City, Glen Burnie, Hanover, Owings Mills, Towson, Westminster


Helen Mrose, M.D., Ph.D.
Bay Radiology
Severna Park



Alex Gandsas, M.D.
"The weight loss and metabolic surgery program that he directs and the Anne Arundel Medical Center is excellent."
AAMC Surgical Specialists
Annapolis, Easton


Joan Cantero, M.D.
"Dr. Cantero calls it like it is. She doesn't play around and always takes extra time during my visits to really know how I am doing. I appreciate all her attention."
Annapolis Endocrinology Associates
Annapolis, Easton, Prince Frederick, Silver Spring


John DeLeonibus, DPM
"He was the only one who would tackle the terrible foot mis-formed toes that I had acquired after having foot surgery years ago and having the original operation finally fail. He did a superb job"
Annapolis Foot and Ankle Center
Annapolis, Stevensville


Michele Smadja-Gordon, M.D.
Annapolis Internal Medicine


Carol Tweed, M.D.
"Very kind and smart. Full of energy."
Annapolis Oncology Center


Jeanine Werner, M.D.
"She is smart, compashionate and to the point."
Annapolis Oncology Center


Mary Michels, M.D.
Annapolis Rheumatology Associates


Ashu Mehta, M.D.
"He has always been there for me. I have RA and he has been there through thick and thin with me. He has figured out what has worked with me to get me in remission when no one else could it has been a long hard battle with this disease and I don't know what I would do without him. If it werent for him I would not be working a full time job and back on my feet again."
Anne Arundel Rheumatology


Robert Hanley, M.D.
Anne Arundel Urology, P.A.
Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Odenton


Debajit Roy, M.D.
"He seems to listen and thinks about your problem before answering your questions"
Arundel Heart Associates
Baltimore, Glen Burnie


Galen Ohnmacht, M.D.
"Thoracic surgery"
Baltimore Washington Medical Center
Glen Burnie


Jonathan Perry, M.D.
Baltimore Washington Medical Center
Glen Burnie


Amiel Bethel, M.D.
Baltimore Washington Spine and Neuroscience Center
Glen Burnie


Chirag Chaudhari, M.D.
"Dr.Chaudhari is very patient, attentive and very outgoing with all of his medical staff aswell as his patients and shows excellent patient satisfaction and is very calm under stressful situations."
BWMC Emergency Room
Glen Burnie


Michael Leedom, M.D.
BWMC Emergency Room
Glen Burnie


Mohit Negi, M.D.
BWMC Geriatric Care


Randy Davis, M.D.
BWMC Spine/Orthopaedic Surgery
Glen Burnie


Jonathan Altschuler, M.D.
"Knowledgeable, intelligent and well read, CARING, with an efficiently run practice"
Cardiology Associates
Annapolis, Bowie, Chester, Olney, Leonardtown, Waldorf


William Sweeney, M.D.
Center for Maternal & Fetal Medicine


Richard Garden, D.D.S.
Chesapeake Oral Surgery Associates
Severna Park, Gambrills


John Myseros, M.D.
Children's National Medical Center
Washington, DC; Fairfax, VA


Susan D. Cummings, M.D., MPH
Children's National Medical Center, Anne Arundel Regional Outpatient Center
Washington DC, Upper Marlboro, Annapolis


Barry Cukor, M.D.
"He has a wonderful sense of humor which makes the visit so much easier, but he knowledge is overwhelming which puts me just as much at ease!! I recommend him to everyone!!"
Digestive Disorders Associates
Annapolis, Chester, Odenton
410-224-4887 (Chester),


Tim Monahan, D.P.M.
Eastern Shore Family Footcare
Centreville, Chestertown, Denton


Charles Herbert, D.D.S.
Endodontics, PA


David Aiello, M.D.
Heart Center of Northern Anne Arundel County
Glen Burnie


Amy Valasek, M.D.
"Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon"
Johns Hopkins Pediatric Specialty Clinic


Maryland Oral Surgery Associates


Lance Caffiero, D.P.M.
"If anyone knows feet, it's Dr. Caffiero. Spectacular podiatrist who relates easily with all of his patients. He's extremely knowledgable yet very down-to-earth."
Podiatry Group


Sangeeta Sule, M.D.
Rubenstein Center at Johns Hopkins Children's Center


Elyse Provencher, M.Ac.
"She really listens and cares about her patients. She also takes my health insurance."
The Acupuncture Practice of Elyse Provencher


Sam Yoon, M.D.
The Heart Center of Northern Anne Arundel County
Glen Burnie, Hanover


Brian Kahan, D.O.
The Kahan Center for Pain Management
Annapolis, Chester, Salisbury


Sangjin Oh, M.D.
The Maryland Institute of Neurological Disorders and Sleep
Bowie, Glen Burnie


Alex Hertzman, M.D.
"He is very aggressive."
Glen Burnie


Mayer Gorbaty, M.D.
"he cares deeply about each of his patient.Is always available when they need question answered.Calls test results back to the patient the next day.This is very important in this field."
Alvin & Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute - Sinai Hospital Lifebridge Health


Speech and Language Therapy

Chesapeake Speech and Language Associates


Elif Abell, MS-CCC/SLP
"My daughter loves going to see Ms. Elle for speech therapy. Ms. Elle is patient and kind while developing my daughter's speech skills."
"Elle makes learning speech fun and is always very positive"
Cypress Creek Therapy
Edgewater, Severna Park


Speech Matters


Paula Sampugnaro, M.A.
"The best source in Bowie for speech therapy for children. She is wonderful. She knows how to keep the kids occupied and challenged, even the most distractable. She also sees clients at several local schools during the school day."


Urgent Care

Elizabeth Fronc, M.D.
Baltimore Washington Medical Center
Glen Burnie


Bowie Health Center


Rinde Fadirepo, M.D.
"They are open for urgent & sick visits. The doctors and staff there are great and can handle a lot of different scenarios to save us a visit to the ER. The office is always so clean. They have a great X-Ray dept too!"
Doctors Express


Eric Crapster, P.A., PAC
Dwight Fortier, M.D.
"Dr.Fortier is a brilliant pediatrician,very warm and uncommonly good with children. All of my three girls would literally RUN to him when we had appointments. He engaged the children in explaining their malady and really LISTENS. So rare!"
Righttime Medical Care
Annapolis, Crofton, Columbia, Gaithersburg, Gambrills, Hanover, Olney, Pasadena, Rockville


Vascular Surgery

Stephen Valenti, M.D.
Cardiovascular Specialists of Central Maryland


Kelly Kelly, M.D.
"Very helpful, caring and extremely sweet"
O'Donnell Vein & Medical Spa


Marshall Benjamin, M.D.
"Personable, expert in his field"
The Maryland Vascular Center
Glen Burnie





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