2014 Family Favorite Doctors

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Bay Area Midwifery

  • Amazing care, with you all the time, encouraging, and competent, loving.


Special Beginnings Birth & Women's Center

  • Goes out of their way to do what you need. Amazing support.

Susannah Hahn, CNM

  • Susanna helped me through the pregnancy and birth of my first baby. Throughout the pregnancy, I had challenges such as a car accident, need for genetic counseling and the general worries about childbirth. She was kind, compassionate and knowledgeable, and I ended up having a fantastic birth experience. I will definitely be returning to Special Beginnings if I have other children.

Joanne Hasman, CNM

  • Joanne is wonderful. She was very supportive of my choices throughout my pregnancy, and it was so nice to have her with me at the birth of my child.


UM BWMC Women's Health Associates

Paula Greer, CNM

  • She is the facilitator of a group of pregnant women called CenteringPregnancy. She dedicates a lot of time with these groups to get women ready for birth.

Marie Herrick, CNM

  • Two days after being induced, Marie came in like a champ and helped me successfully deliver my son without resorting to a C-section. She carefully explained everything that was happening and was incredibly supportive the entire time.

David Paad, CNM

  • David is caring, compassionate and takes the time to answer all your questions without ever making you feel rushed.


A Woman's Choice Ob/Gyn LLC

Karen Perkins, MD

  • I worked with Dr. Perkins as a doula supporting a VBAC for a mama at Mercy Medical Center and she was amazingly supportive of this mama's needs and desires. She was gentle, positive, respectful and encouraging — gave mama lots of time and space to birth her baby and respected the mother's abilities and priorities. I highly recommend her!


Annapolis OB-GYN Associates, PA

Pablo Argeles, MD, MPH

  • Dr. Argeles has delivered all three of my children and has consistently provided excellent pre- and post-natal care along with routine GYN care. With pregnancies and deliveries that tend to be complicated, he is extremely knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. Exactly what a pregnant woman needs!

Joy'El Ballard, MD

  • Almost 3 years ago I had a traumatic delivery with the birth of my 3rd son. Dr. Ballard's quick response saved my life. I spent 3 days in ICU and our son was in the NICU for 4 weeks but we are both alive and both thriving. I will never forget that she saved my life.

Jemel Bingham, MD

  • Dr. Bingham has a fantastic personality and is great with his patients. He has wonderful bedside manner and takes the time to discuss and answer any questions.

Frederick Guckes, MD

Karen Hardart, MD

  • She is so kind and so gentle when doing the yearly exam. She really knows her patients and remembers me even though I usually only see her once a year!

Claudia Hays, MD

  • Her frankness and compassion with her patients is wonderful. She is up to date as a clinician.

Ifeyinwa Stitt, MD

  • Dr. Stitt helped to deliver my second baby. Despite all of my health complications, she helped me to remain calm and focus on the delivery. She also helped to reassure my husband. She coached me through the delivery and it was very quick. She managed my health complications with efficiency.


Chesapeake Women's Care, PA

Heather Herman, MD

  • As a breast cancer survivor she reviews what scans I have had done and determines what scans or tests are needed next.

Margaret Keith, MD

Marcus Penn, MD

  • Dr. Penn is wonderful! I cannot say enough about him! He is so friendly and easy to talk to; he made my labor and delivery seem like a piece of cake with his calm and caring demeanor. He is really that great!

Barbara Wells, MD

  • She made me feel so comfortable during my entire labor. She was very professional and answered every question I had.


Comprehensive Gynecology Center

Paula Radon, MD

  • Very efficient practice, no long wait times and the doctor spends plenty of time with you.



Lori Sweitzer, DO

  • She goes above, beyond, and out of her way for her patients. She is so nice and easy to talk to. Really cares about her patients and their babies.


MedStar Health
Glen Burnie

Aditya Parshad, MD, PA

  • He is the best ob/gyn ever. He cares about you as a whole person not just the body parts he is qualified to work on.


Pavilion OB/GYN

Theresa Buckson, MD

  • Dr. Buckson has a wonderful bubbly personality while keeping things professional. She is extremely knowledgeable and answers all of my questions.

Ayanna James, MD

  • Caring, open, knowledgeable


Premier OB/GYN

Chasheryl Leslie-Holman, MD

  • She is energetic, informative, understanding, compassionate, knowledgeable and takes the time to answer every question with useful information. Also she is passionate about what she does and it makes a huge difference in your pregnancy and delivery experience.


Thoomas W. Jones MD
Baltimore City

  • Dr. Jones is the kindest doctor. He takes his time and talk to you so can understand every detail about your care. I had to get a C-section he walked me to operating room and held me for my spinal. He is such a wonderful doctor. I got a spinal headache for my surgery Dr. Jones went to the store personally and brought me Coke soda to help with my headache because the unit was out of Coke sodas. He is a wonderful understanding person and a wonderful doctor.


UM BWMC Women's Health Associates

Homayara Aziz, MD

  • She really takes time to listen and respond to your concerns.

Devi Chakravorty, MD

  • She has amazing patient care skills and really knows her stuff. She truly cares about her patients, and it shows in her dedication to them.

Samuel Donegan, MD

Christina Enzmann, MD

Ella Mae Gayoso-Adam, MD

  • Dr. Gayoso is very calm and explains everything so I completely understand. She is compassionate towards her patients and has an amazing memory, because she always remembers me, and asks how my family is. You will never find a doctor more caring.


Women Ob/Gyn

Miriam Yudkoff, MD

  • All of the doctors and nurses are amazing at this practice! Dr. Yudkoff consistently takes the time to go through my medical record so that she knows what's going on. She always makes sure that I am comfortable with the plan before I leave. She talks to me in a way that I know my concerns are validated.

Melissa Moen, MD

Jackie Nichols, MD


Harvey Brilliant, MD
Glen Burnie

  • He is caring and compassionate. He follows up even if I forget. He always speaks to me when I see him in the halls at the hospital where I work. He asks how I'm doing and if everything is going well.
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