2014 Family Favorite Doctors

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Alternative medicine

Acupuncture with Elyse

Elyse Provencher, M.Ac.

  • Elyse's acupuncture treatments are amazing! Using traditional five element acupuncture, she can eliminate pain and balance your body. She takes my health insurance. I highly recommend her!


Alchemy Healing Arts Center

Laura Inman-Mitchell, LMT, LLCC, CST

  • Laura has healing hands and uses her ability to help heal people.


Chesapeake Holistic Health Center

Carol Heckman, R.N., C.N.C.

  • She is kind, caring and knowledgeable about integrative health. She takes time to listen and make a wellness plan that can work for you.

Jamie Higdon, C.N.C, R.Y.T., C.H.C.

  • A good variety of products and services.

Cathy Logan, C.H.C.

  • She takes time to listen to my concerns and focuses my Ondamed treatments based on my needs. She has a very caring, compassionate heart.

Anne Marvin, N.D., C.N.C.

  • Anne Marvin and her team at Chesapeake Holistic are an extremely knowledgeable and well rounded group of practitioners who are truly there for their clients.

Jennifer Salos, M.S., C.N.C.

  • Healed my fiance of cancer. Helped me get off Diet Coke. Helped my daughter heal from colitis. All about holistic health and wellness!

Sierra Sterns, Ph.D., M.T.-B.C., S.A.M.I


Chesapeake Wellness Center

Paul Beals, MD

  • If it weren't for Dr. Beals, I would still be incapacitated by Lyme disease. After going to countless "top" doctors in the DC area, it was Dr. Beals who finally diagnosed — and successfully treated — my Lyme disease. He is competent, caring, and relentless in his pursuit to try new things until the patient is healthy again. And refreshingly, he does not have the ego that plagues many doctors. I have referred countless patients to him. ALL of them (more than 3 dozen) have been dramatically helped by him. The one good thing about getting Lyme was finding Dr. Beals.


`Green Healing Wellness

Kevin Passero, N.D.

  • Spends a large amount of time listening, asks questions, and gives you your health information in a clear and understandable way with copies of all your test results!! Great healer and staff.

Healing and Wellness Center of Kent Island

Michelle Salvail, NCTMB

  • The absolute BEST massage therapist ever!
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