2015 Favorite Doctors in Maryland

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Birth Centers

Special Beginnings Birth and Women's Center
Arnold, 410-626-8982

Myra DeLuca, C.N.M.

  • Myra was wonderful and patient. I delivered my child, she just made sure I was safe.

Susannah Hahn, C.N.M.

Joanne Hasman, C.N.M.

  • With my first pregnancy I was a late transfer 6.5 months in feeling pressured by OBGYN combined with my anxiety of hospitals. My first visit in I just felt at ease, the doctors were patient and kind. I never felt rushed and always felt better even on my worst days leaving there. The environment felt like going home which was very important to me and the birth of my baby. I traveled forty-five minutes each way for each appointment. They are the best!
  • Wonderful, patient, caring, treats me with special care.

Linda Levinson, CNM

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