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Recognizing Stress and Anxiety in Students

Dr. McCarthy, Executive Director of The Summit School, sat down with Claire to discuss anxiety in children and how to recognize the signs.


The potential health hazards of vaping for teens

vaping WFewer teens are picking up smoking these days, but what they are doing instead could be even more dangerous and toxic than cigarettes.

Nationally and locally, teens are “vaping” or using “e-cigarettes,” which deliver nicotine and other chemicals in vapor form through a battery-operated device. And manufacturer-added flavors, such as chocolate and strawberry, contribute to the appeal.

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  97. Study shows dating violence prevalent among teens
  98. Study shows Marijuana in adolescence may cause psychiatric disorders
  99. Clubhouse for adolescents opening in Annapolis
  100. New cause of childhood asthma discovered
  101. More infants have flat spots on their heads with back-to-sleep
  102. Keep the family safe in the heat this summer
  103. New Maryland program to make children’s mental health care more routine
  104. When kids get sick and sidelined in the summer
  105. Children’s National and Johns Hopkins ranked among top children’s hospitals
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  131. Rest assured, study shows sleep training is not harmful on infants
  132. Free walk-in flu clinics in Annapolis and Glen Burnie
  133. Run for Kennedy Krieger’s Down Syndrome Clinic
  134. Trader Joe’s peanut butter associated with Salmonella outbreak
  135. Why some families break the law for raw milk
  136. Study shows playing on sports teams reduces risk for obesity
  137. Mt. Washington Pediatric has a therapy dog on staff
  138. NIH expands safe infant sleep effort
  139. All Maryland newborns now screened for Critical Congenital Heart Disease
  140. Kids with ADHD better off if treated earlier
  141. Good Dental Hygiene Can Never Start Too Early
  142. Send the kids back to school in the best of health
  143. Seasonal flu shots now available at Rite Aid
  144. Infant mortality rate at record low in Maryland
  145. The dangers of teen tanning
  146. Breastfeeding rates in the U.S. continue to rise
  147. DHMH seeking comments on regulations on teen use of tanning salons
  148. Kid diet disasters and tips for tasty alternatives
  149. Maryland Board of Ed. requires concussion training for coaches
  150. Study shows improvements in Maryland child well-bing
  151. Cool Kids Campaign birdhouses to be on display at Mall in Columbia
  152. A night in Baltimore Washington Medical Center’s pediatric ER
  153. Early contact with dogs and cats makes kids healthier, study finds
  154. Campaign aims to stop summer weight gain, brain drain
  155. Sandusky sex abuse verdict: What parents need to know
  156. FAQs for Maryland Free Summer Food Service Program for children and teens
  157. New exhibit at Baltmore’s Port Discovery addresses childhood obesity
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  164. Children’s National and Johns Hopkins rated among best children’s hospitals
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  166. Anne Arundel County urges seniors to Play it Safe through prom and beach week
  167. Dog Bite Prevention Week aims to protect children
  168. Study shows male students think abusing steroids is worse than abusing prescription stimulants
  169. When kids need plastic surgery
  170. Parents' support USDA standards for healthier options in school vending machines
  171. Beefing up a teenager's vegetarian diet
  172. New National Wildlife Federation report says dirt is healthy
  173. Study shows mothers who are obese or diabetic more likely to have children with autism or developmental delays
  174. Study shows yelling at toddlers makes them act up
  175. CDC reports increase in autism on World Autism Day
  176. Parents not using booster seats when carpooling, study shows
  177. Maryland launches ‘Healthy Teeth, Healthy Kids’ campaign
  178. National Wildlife Federation offers ways to get the kids offline and outside
  179. Smoking ban in vehicles with children passes Maryland Senate
  180. Cutting edge equipment for newborns now at Queen Anne's Emergency Center
  181. Study shows movies with alchohol consumption lead teens to binge drink
  182. Study shows video games make kids more impulsive, less attentive
  183. FDA says some electric toothbrushes are a danger to adults and kids
  184. New Map Showing Lyme Disease Risk Underscores Need for Maryland Families to Protect Against Ticks
  185. Allergy Tests Aren’t Foolproof
  186. Protecting Maryland's Most Vulnerable
  187. State gets $28.3 million bonus for children’s Medicaid enrollment
  188. Screen Children for High Cholesterol
  189. Reasons Unclear for Rise in Knee Injuries
  190. Maryland Home-Born Baby Boom Causes Concern
  191. Families Suffer as Disability Funding Goes Unspent
  192. Listeria Precautions
  193. More Drugs Mean More Accidental Poisonings
  194. The 3D Experience: Safe for Kids?
  195. Recognizing Signs and Symptoms of Concussions in Kids
  196. Concussion Awareness and Safety
  197. Acupuncture: Safe for Children?
  198. Skin Cancer Prevention and Sun Safety Tips for Your Family
  199. Celebrate April - The Month of the Young Child
  200. Stink Bugs: Making Asthma and Allergies Worse for Kids?

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