Chesapeake Family Facebook fans weigh in on vaccines

flushotWith the American Academy of Pediatrics recommending that parents get the flu vaccine early this year, we decided to ask our Chesapeake Family Facebook fans this week about the necessity of vaccines.

We asked our FB fans if they were concerned that vaccines may cause autism and if they feel the flu vaccination is necessary. If you are pondering these same questions, check out their input. It might help you decide what's best to do when it comes to vaccinating your kids.


Do vaccines' cause autism?

Are you afraid vaccines may cause autism or no way?

Danielle Noble: No way

Susan Land: Nope. They have been giving vaccines for years and I trust our pediatrician. I think we would have many, many more cases of it if vaccines were involved.

Daphne Rebert Kirkner: Personally I think it's the diet of the mother with all the processed food in our society today. Almost everything is processed!

Katherine Sissy Morgan: I agree with Daphne. I think it's the chemicals in our food and also the fact that we are having kids at older ages.

Heather Peterson: I believe vaccines are part if the puzzle—contributory, if not causative.

Cyndi Link Johnson: I think some kids are overly sensitive to the vaccines, and it can be dangerous for those kids.

Anne Knowles: I don't think they cause autism and the benefit of vaccines is substantial. My husband knew of a coworker who got mumps as an adult and spent a month in the hospital.

FB fans weigh in on flu vaccine

What do you think... Is the flu shot necessary or overkill on top of the hefty load of vaccines our kids already get?

Anne Hofmann Regules: Necessary. Period.

Kerry Wargo: Necessary.

Karen Toepfer Perise: Not necessary!

Edwin Nieves: Not necessary, but we need to keep the CDC doctors employed.

Sara Solt: Necessary!

Tonia Delozier: Over kill

Cassandra Farr: Overkill

Faith Stephens: I didn't get one for years and was fine. When the children were born, we did begin getting them. However, a couple of years ago we lived in a warmer climate so when Oct/Nov time frame came around, I wasn't thinking "flu" because we were still wearing shorts outside. Imagine how horrible I felt the night my 2-year-old was vomiting so much that it became bloody and the ER confirmed flu. She was hospitalized for four days. Of course, all of this happens while my husband was deployed. So, whether it be overkill or not, we do take precautions here.

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