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Creative Coaching is a new, Annapolis-based, private practice supporting families in the greater Annapolis area and beyond. Parent Consultation, Parent Coaching and Life Coaching for Women are available via Skype for families living further afield. You can read specifically about these services at Creative Coaching.

Coaching has been around for many years in the world of sports and has become a well-respected asset in the corporate world. Out of this tradition, Life Coaching has experienced a huge surge in popularity, followed by a range of specialized goal-oriented services including Parent Coaching and other family-based coaching services. I offer coaching services for family members of all ages. For more details please visit us online.

The way I came into the coaching field was through school counseling. Working with a wide range of students and their families, I found myself looking for new ways to best support everyday families. I met with a lot of parents who did not feel the need to speak with a therapist but still wanted professional support to help them trouble-shoot nagging issues at home. I attended various trainings to specifically enhance my ability to support parents, eventually finding my way to a program in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. But I didn't want to be a therapist, I really wanted to be a coach, so I went on to gain certification as a Solution-Focused Coach and then added on a whole year of specialized training to become a PCI Certified Parent Coach.

Because I was working in a school setting and meeting with students K-12 (and maybe because I'm just so inclined), I developed a way of engaging young people in the coaching process that is creative and fun. On my website you can see the range of activities that I offer young people to help them find new solutions.

Kids and teens in general are not particularly keen to talk about problems, especially if they've been sent to see the school counselor. The beauty of Solution-Focused approaches is that you don't need to talk about the problem at all if you don't want to. As a coach, what I want to find out about are the strengths and goals of the person I'm meeting with. Kids and teens who come for coaching learn good things about themselves and build their self-esteem in the process. More about my work with young people can be found online here.

So I love working with young people and I love working with parents. Now that I've founded Creative Coaching, I am opening the door to supporting grandparents, as well as couples who want to strengthen their relationship before strains require them to seek therapy. Wherever the family system needs a boost, that's where I want to offer my support because whatever helps one member of the family, helps the entire family, including the children.

You don't have to be facing a family challenge to benefit from Creative Coaching services. Every Wednesday (7:00-8:30pm), my husband and I offer workshops for parents interested in tapping their child's potential. For specific information about the workshops, please visit us online.

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