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Hey Dad, Let’s Celebrate! Father’s Day 2020

With social distancing still in effect, we may be limited in our abilities to celebrate summer holidays in the ways we are accustomed to, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make memories.

Ball games, mini golf, and big meals at restaurants may not be options for Father’s Day outings this year; fortunately there are a multitude of ways to celebrate at home. Plus, don’t miss these great local businesses to shop for Dad’s Day presents.

Put on an Old-Fashioned Backyard Barbecue
Return to simpler times and organize a day of backyard games and feel-good food. Hotdogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, watermelon, and potato chips; these are the foods of a summer day well spent. Bring out the sprinkler, splash pool, beach chair and umbrellas, then organize backyard games like potato sack races (can be done with a pillow case), wheelbarrow partner races, hula hoop contests, ring toss with hula hoops and balls, or bean bag toss.

Turn on the Tunes
Invite dad to attend a backyard concert. Set up the lawn chairs, hang some lanterns, provide plenty of snacks and drinks, and play his favorite music through a bluetooth speaker in the yard.

DIY with Dad

Design and compete in your own Ninja Warrior obstacle course.
Using items you have or items you can order online through sites like amazon, plan out a blueprint with dad and test your ninja warrior skills. See this product for inspiration. If you are feeling really bold, maybe even incorporate a mud pit!

spruce crafts board
Make your own dart board or cornhole board

Bond with dad while building something together that can be used over and over again. Many materials needed can be picked up from local retailers via curbside service. Here’s a good DIY instruction piece on building your own boards.

Construct a DIY mini golf course
You can keep it simple with ping pong balls and plastic cups, or search pinterest and Youtube for ideas that are a bit more creative and involved.

Backyard bowling
This is another one that can be as simple or as involved as you want it to be. Set up plastic bottles or cans and knock them over with a kick ball, or order a backyard bowling set on Amazon.

Food Fun

Sweet treats are always a hit. Create sweet and savory treats like chocolate covered candied bacon. See recipe here

If you have a fire pit in the yard enjoy an evening of storytelling around the fire while indulging in over the top S’Mores. Switch things up with flavored chocolate, fruit, nuts, sprinkles, and jams. Or make it simple yet crazy delicious with flavored Smashmallows, whose flavors include strawberries and cream, root beer float, mint chocolate chip, and cinnamon churro.

Pizza is a beloved favorite in many families. Throw dad a homemade pizza party, or move the party outside and plant a pizza garden together with tomato, basil, oregano, and peppers.

GettyImages 585151372Chill with Dad’s Favorite Movies
Movie Marathons are the epitome of relaxation. Que up a few favorites, make some popcorn, pizza, or wings, and enjoy the afternoon. If you have the space in the yard consider doing a backyard movie night with a projector. Projectors can be purchased on Amazon ranging from $70–$200. Project the movie on the side of the house, a bed sheet, the garage door, or a special screen if you have it.

Give a Gift from the Heart
Dads can be pretty heroic. Make him feel like the hero he is by having him star in his very own comic book. Print off blank comic book pages and have kids recall a favorite memory with their dad. Recreate this memory as a comic strip.

No matter how you choose to celebrate this year, strive to create some lasting memories. Father’s Day may look a bit different this year but it can still be just as memorable with any of these ideas.

—Jillian Amodio

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