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High-Tech Youth symposium at The Summit School

Dr. Larry Rosen to speak

The program will be held Nov. 3 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and will feature Dr. Larry D. Rosen, an international expert in the psychology of technology. Dr. Rosen will talk about what psychologist and educators have learned about how we all relate to technology in the new, constantly changing high-tech world. He will present:

• A new look at rapidly emerging “mini-generations” of youth that are defined by their use and love of technology.

• A peek into the brains of our youth highlighting what we have learned from an explosion in neuroscience research that can help us understand how technology has forever altered our brains and how we are constantly being “rewired.”

• What brain science tells us about children with learning differences and their use of technology.

• The effects of multitasking with technology on children with working memory challenges.

• How the “relationship” to technology may be leading some children to what Dr. Rosen terms an iDisorder.

• How technology helps and impacts students with language-based learning differences.

• A research-based model of parenting that enables families and educators to help children grow with technology in a healthy way.

Registration fee is $45 for parents and $70 for educators and professionals. The fee includes a light breakfast, coffee and a boxed lunch. To register visit The Summit School website.

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