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Hiking the Anacostia Trail in Maryland

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Take a springtime hike on Prince George’s County’s Anacostia Trail

The red-tailed hawk had a lot to say about us invading his turf. He perched in a tall evergreen on the bank of the Northwest Branch of the Anacostia and cried loud and long to let us know we’d interrupted his morning hunt. The squirrels he’d been eyeing for breakfast, meanwhile, scampered up trees to their leafy penthouses, probably planning to spend the rest of the cold afternoon as furry little couch potatoes.

Unimpressed by the raptor-versus-rodent drama, a pair of cardinals flitted between holly bushes, picking off the berries. The only sounds were the gurgling of the river and the distant whistle of a freight train.

The GPS said I was in Hyattsville, but it sure looked and felt like the Appalachian Trail.

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