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Celebrate the 36th Year of Waterskiing Santa: Holiday Countdown Day 29

Every Christmas Eve at 1 p.m., Santa and a merry band of holiday friends zoom along the Potomac River delighting crowds along the sea wall in Alexandria.

Catch Santa, Mrs. Claus, reindeer, elves and the Grinch on Christmas Eve at 1 p.m., live and in-person this year — for more information, click here!

Check out this video from 2020!

The holiday spectacular has been going on since 1986 when a group of friends drew straws to see who would go out and water ski in a Santa Claus suit on Christmas Eve. The loser did exactly that, and decided he would do it again the next year. While he technically lost the bet, he definitely won it for the sake of children and families alike. It continues today, after more than 30 years.


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