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Home Obstacle Course

Distance learning is in full swing and adjusting to the new routines has begun. However, sometimes you need to mix it up to have a little fun, especially during this time with everyone at home.  Kids love to be challenged and parents love to burn off some of that never ending kid energy. The solution we have discovered is to create our own obstacle courses. Here are some ideas to get you started. It doesn’t have to be fancy and you don’t need to buy special equipment. Just think like a kid. We see a couch, they see a trampoline. We see pillows on the floor, they see hurdles. Why walk to the next obstacle, when you could do a dance to get there? I like to include obstacles that encourage the kids to do different things: jump over, go under, weave in & out, push items out of the way. It’s also great to let the kids take the lead on some ideas. Let them pick the starting and finish lines or the order of the obstacles. Use a stopwatch to time them and see if they can improve their time. Get those creative ideas flowing and get moving.  Indoor Chairs lined up make a great tunnel for army crawls. Hop over the pillows of different sizes for indoor hurdles. Set up stools to have the kids weave around. Keep your feet on the “stepping stones” (Make circles on the floor with yarn or string) Plow through the boxes. Take all those shipping boxes you are getting now and stack them up for an epic finish to the course.  Outdoor Jump over the firewood or logs Jump on the stepping stones (spray paint dots on the grass, or lay out hula hoops) Use an outdoor table for a tunnel Have them get on their bike or scooter to go to one end of the yard and back. (Think Triathlon) Kick a soccer, kickball or basketball across the yard. Change up the course by challenging kids to do it by skipping, hopping or crawling. More Articles
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