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Honoring Black Musicians

Two new books are out for Black History Month, and both aim to highlight black musicians and their contributions to classical and modern music.

Share them with your music-loving children to teach them about inspirational musicians ranging from classical composers to modern day jazz, pop and hip-hop stars.

Coloring Book of Black Composers

This book introduces your young musician to the invaluable contributions of black composers to classical music. Learn about the first woman to conduct a symphony in Brazil, the first Black composer to win a Pulitzer Prize and a Black composer whose music inspired Mozart!
Get yours at sharmusic.com/musicbyblackcomposers.


Black Music Greats

Learn about black artists from James Brown to Marvin Gaye to Tupac with details on “each artist’s most iconic shows, genre defining techniques, friends, rivals and nicknames.”
The list of each musician’s five must-listen-to tracks will get your kids up to speed on the best from each artist.

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