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Hood2Good Movement

The Hood2Good Movement is an Annapolis nonprofit that provides teens in Annapolis with opportunities to express themselves through the arts. Hood2Good works out of Maryland Hall alongside the ArtReach program, providing kids with a way to showcase their artistic talents, learn new skills and connect with other kids in a safe environment.

Hood2Good under its broader name, says its mission is to “create, cultivate and transition our youth’s energy into endless possibilities, by providing a positive and compassionate space that allows our youth to maximize their full potential.”

Podcast Version:

Hood2Good uses a three-pronged approach to community involvement, including listening to the community and assessing needs, roundtable community discussions, and Youth Showcases, where members share their stories through dance, music, art, spoken word and other platforms of art in the Annapolis area.

Catch the showcase on Instagram or Facebook. Live tickets to the performance outside Maryland Hall have sold out.

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