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It’s that wonderful time of year again and kids everywhere get a winter break from school and the classroom. For Middle and Lower School kids, there are fun ways to keep their skills sharp during the break by doing all kinds of activities at home.

Reading is always something kids can do either on their own or with your help Christmas storybooks or classic tales are a great way to get them to read everyday.

If you’re looking for a way to keep things interesting, fun, and you don’t mind a little mess, then look through a cookbook or find a recipe online. You can conquer reading, math, and get some fine motor skills all in the same activity. You’ll even have a tasty result for all of the hard work!familyplayinggames

Kids can help you at the grocery store as well. Give them a list and a calculator (or pencil and paper to work more on math). They learn to be helpful and have fun doing it.

Plan a family night of fun and pull out the board games, hot chocolate, marshmallows and peppermint sticks. Kids can learn from these games and they are a great family activity.

If you have shopping to do, why not let your kids help? They can make a list, or younger ones may cut out pictures from magazines to glue to your list. Pull out the papers, colors, paints, scissors and glue; let them craft those one of a kind Christmas creations to give as a gift or to decorate your space.

Of course there always comes the time to write thank you notes. Penning your own words on a note can mean so much to family and friends.

Spend some time together talking about Christmas and your traditions you may have and talk about why you have them. If you don’t really have any Christmas traditions, then now is a great time to pick one. One of our Christmas morning traditions is that the kids take turns hiding and finding baby Jesus from our nativity scene. Since Jesus wasn’t lying in the manger until Christmas, that’s when He appears in our nativity scene. Of course they have to remember where they have hidden the baby figure.

There are so many ways to build learning into your activities and this will help keep your kids skills sharp over their winter break. Most importantly have fun creating great memories together. Merry Christmas!

Written By Misty McReady

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