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How to Make Your Own Rain Gauge

Rainy day fun with how to make your own rain gauge!


How to Make a Rain Gauge

What you’ll need:

An empty plastic (soft drink) 2 liter bottle
Some stones or pebbles
Marker (Sharpe or other waterproof marker)
A ruler


1. Carefully cut the top off the bottle.
2. Place some stones or small rocks in the bottom of the bottle so it doesn’t tip over easily, then turn the top upside down and tape it to the bottle.
3. Use a ruler and marker pen to make a scale on the bottle, starting at the bottom of the bottle. Make the first line (zero) at the top of the stones/rocks. Try marking ¼ inch, ½ inch, ¾ inch and 1 inch up to 8 or 10 inches (depending on the size of your bottle.)
4. Pour water into the bottle until it reaches the zero line at the top of the stones/rocks on the scale. Congratulations, you have finished your rain gauge.
5. Place your rain gauge outside where it can collect water when it starts raining. After a rain shower has finished, check to see how far up the scale the water has risen.

What is  happening? Rain falls into the top of the gauge and collects at the bottom, where it can be measured. Have the kids compare the amount of rain to the length of time the shower lasted. Was it a short and heavy rain shower or a long and light one? Does it fill faster when the drops are bigger?

 Rain Gauge


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