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How to Overcome Student Anxiety

Even as a young boy, Carter Weinstein had to learn how to overcome his student anxiety. Leaving his home and parents, Carter would be anxious. Summer camp was fear inducing.

Carter feels that there is a disconnect between the professionals who are writing the books about managing anxiety and the teenagers who need the information and help. So as a teenager he put pen to paper and wrote his own book, “Conquering Fear” that talks directly to students and provides tips for managing anxiety.

Conquering Fear

Carter is now 19 and a student at Georgetown University studying business despite experiencing acute anxiety his entire life. In his short, helpful guide, Carter shares the candid ups and downs of his personal journey, how he got the help he needed, and six pivotal tips that have helped him manage his symptoms and achieve his goals. Living with anxiety is not an easy road. But through Conquering Fear, Carter wants other young people to know that with hard work and support, it is possible to lead your best life.

Tips to Overcome Student Anxiety

  • Here are a few tips from Carter
  • Realize that you are not alone
  • Be willing to try new things
  • You might have setbacks – don’t let that stop you
  • Try deep breathing, visualization and/or mediation
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Exercise

Carter’s book also contains a ranking sheet where students can rank their top fears and then determine the steps they need to take to overcome those fears.

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