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How to start a family garden with kids

Mockingbird Winterberry AllenSparks 219x219Spring isn’t just a beautiful time to enjoy the outdoors, it is also a great time to get outside with your kids and start your own family garden.

A new guide, titled “Get Your Family’s Garden Growing” released by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) shows just how easy and fun it can be to garden with your kids. The new guide is part of the National Wildlife Federation’s Be Out There movement and is being released in celebration of May is Garden for Wildlife Month.

Get Your Family’s Garden Growing is a simple 6 step how-to guide that provides the basics for even the most novice gardeners to start planting. The 6 easy to adopt steps include:

  1. Plan—make a plan for your space and interests
  2. Shop, Swap and Borrow—shop for materials or borrow from neighbors and friends
  3. Prepare—put your plan into motion by getting your garden plot ready
  4. Plant—get seeds and seedlings into the ground
  5. Maintain—water, weed and cultivate your garden together
  6. Enjoy—enjoy all the benefits of your new garden space


“Whether you are new to gardening or a seasoned professional, this guide has great ideas for planting in large and small spaces alike,” says Lindsay Legendre, manager of NWF’s Be Out There movement. “It also includes fun gardening projects and ways to get kids involved, like planting a pizza garden, growing your initials, growing and eating a rainbow, and more.”

Download the full guide at www.beoutthere.org/garden and get more tips and advice for parents. For more information on Gardening for Wildlife Month, visit the Garden for Wildlife website.

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