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I am living in The Real World — Mommy Daze

TheRealWorldRecently I had someone say that I needed to “get out of the house-wife bubble” because I hadn’t heard of a specific musical artist that’s No. 3 in the Billboard charts. I don’t even know if I worded that correctly, which maybe is proof of how out of the loop I apparently am with the “real world.”

But after some thought, I’ve decided that person is wrong. I am, in fact, more in touch with the real world now than I ever have been before. Perhaps my idea of what defines “real” is different than theirs.

Yes, I don’t listen to the radio in the car because I’m usually singing along with my kids to Elmo songs, or listening to Berenstein Bears stories on CD. Or if I do turn the radio on when the kids are with me, it’s to Christian music stations, because I like to be uplifted and inspired by the music I listen to, and I don’t want my kids repeating some of the lyrics that are popular with top Billboard artists. As a musician, I can fully appreciate other genres of music and do have occasional moments of listening to the music of my choice, but I certainly don’t think less of myself because I’m not up on what the rest of the nation is listening to.

I don’t know who is in the lead of “Dancing with the Stars” because when the TV is on, I’m probably watching “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” for the 50th time (this week), or if the TV is on at night, I’m missing the plot because I’m folding laundry or picking up toys.

I joined a book club to at least look like I’m staying in touch with the literary world, but I don’t think I have yet to finish a book that we’ve discussed. I just go for the adult conversation and wine. But I can recite to you, word for word, “Little Blue Truck” or “Knuffle Bunny.”

I may not know which celebrity is sleeping with whom, but I can tell you exactly what my son looks like when he’s asleep because I sometimes sit next to his bed and watch him. I may not know which politician is raising taxes, but I do lose sleep at night thinking about how to save for my kids’ education one day.

In my spare time (ha!), I don’t worry about the state of the world, I worry about my friend who’s mom is going through cancer treatments. I don’t think about what’s the newest fashion, I think about my sister 2,500 miles away and how she’s dealing with her son turning 18.

Thank goodness, though, for my friends who are up to date on current trends, shows, movies, fashion and news. Thanks to them, I can at least get SparkNotes versions of what’s going on in Washington and Hollywood. I actually think I enjoy hearing other people’s renditions of things more than watching it or looking it up on my own. Maybe I’m just lazy.

I’m not saying that my “secluded” world as a stay-at-home-mom is right or wrong. I just believe that throughout your life your priorities are going to be different, and for me right now, my world revolves around my family and close friends. And I’m okay with that, because music nowadays stinks anyway!

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Mandy Watts is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Crownsville with her husband, Justin, who runs their family business, and their two sons, 2-year-old James and almost 1-year-old Luke.


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