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In the back to school mode? Not! — FranklyStein

I’m a week into my vacation and everyone keeps talking about how the summer is ending and we need to get ready for back to school.

I want to just put my fingers in my ears and yell “I’m not listening! I’m not listening!”
It’s only Aug. 9 for goodness sake. The true end of summer is more than three weeks away!

The fact is, however, I can bury my head in the sand not only because I’m at the beach, but because we did all of our back to school shopping in July. My plan is to roll back into town the day before school starts. And we will be ready.

But whether you do your back-to-school shopping in July or are doing it now, it’s never fun. Well, actually, that’s not true. I do have one child that started asking in June when we were going to do our back to school shopping. I think she thinks it’s fun. She even has her binder totally organized and ready for that first day.
But for the rest of us, it’s not fun.

There is nothing worse than going into Target, Wal Mart, or Staples with multiple supply lists and trying to find everything the kids need. It’s mayhem. And we usually end up hitting all three stores before we find every last item on the list. Accordion note card holder? Magic rub erasers? Red pencils with erasers? Those are the ones that always kill me.

A friend posted on Facebook recently that she went into the camping supply area to find a compass, which was strangely on her child’s back to school list. The clerk had to redirect her back to school supplies and give her a little tutorial about math. I can totally relate. When you have four lists with 20 items on each, who has time to remember that silly thing that draws circles.

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