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Is eighth grade graduation a big deal? — FranklyStein

Maggie and her friends after 8th grade graduation
Maggie and her friends after 8th grade graduation
We’ve been talking in the office about things that have gone way over the top recently from prom “proposals” to eighth grade “graduations.”

If you have no idea what I’m talking about by “prom proposals” you should YouTube it. The extravagant means kids are going to these days to ask each other to prom makes me wonder what’s in store for future marriage proposals.

As for eighth grade graduations, there was absolutely nothing to mark the occasion when I was in school. It was not a big deal, but then, I just moved from one hall to another in the same school. There wasn’t much to celebrate. My niece “graduates” from that same school today, and now they have a ceremony and a dance to mark the passage from one hall to another. The dance strongly resembled a middle school prom with the fancy dress and date search.

My oldest, Maggie, also graduated this week but from a school she has been attending since kindergarten and which only goes through eighth grade. I’d been down playing her graduation in my mind for weeks on the grounds that it was only eighth grade. But on Friday, when I dropped her off at the school for the last time, the ground seemed to shift a little. After nine years in the same place, she was finished. It occured to me that there will never be another school that she will ever attend for that long (at least I hope not!), and suddenly, it did seem pretty monumental.


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