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Is that real? – Lisa on Point

ThinkstockPhotos 468496370My husband came across an article that discussed the pains women go through to look good and in an email to me and my daughters asked,”Is that real?”

We all responded, “Yes. Being a woman is hard.”
The article by Grant Bailey talked about the tight fitting shoes, the bras, the underwire and more we endure all to look good.

When it comes to being put together men have it way easier. They don’t have to shave their legs and pits. They don’t have to wear make-up. They can shave their face or not. A man’s morning routine to get ready for the day can be done in 15 minutes or less. Shower, lotion, get dressed. Although it seems to take my husband a very long time to get ready.

Hair color. Ultimately a man can let that grey grow in. Some will say it makes them look distinguished. Women tend to judge other women who let the grey go. Somehow it signals they are letting themselves go.

A man can wear the same suit for a week and just change the shirt and tie and no one will know. ( Unless it starts to smell.) Let a woman repeat an outfit in a week and people talk. That’s because we dress mostly for other women. It’s our competitive edge. We like to have the latest too—the latest makeup, hair style, shoes, clothing and more.

Did I mention nails? Being a woman is expensive. Upkeep of hair and nails alone can break the bank. Pantyhose/stockings cost more than ten bucks each and there’s no guarantee you won’t rip a hole in them putting them on the first time. Bras cost at least $25 bucks each.

When is the last time you saw a man in high heels? Or shoes that were killing their feet? They just wouldn’t wear them. The heels—that’s another story.

There’s also that thing called menstruation we have to deal with, and buy supplies for. The invasion of our bodies during gynecological visits is quite uncomfortable. Have you had a mammogram? Having my breasts squeezed like pancakes between metal plates is not too pleasant either. And bend over and cough in no way compares to any of it. Yes, women have it hard. I’m only talking about normal get up and get your day going things. We have to fight for status, salary and general respect. Being a woman is hard, but we always persevere because we are women hear us roar.

Lisa Robinson is the mother of two amazing young women. She is a freelance writer for several Baltimore area magazines, including Chesapeake Family Life. Lisa works as a news anchor and investigative reporter for WBAL-TV in Baltimore. When she’s not dealing with the drama of her two daughters, she’s busy cooking, working out, hosting her friends for get-to-getters, reading, and writing a non-fiction book. Lisa is one of the funniest people you’ll get to know. She relishes in saying the things others are afraid to. You can catch up with Lisa here and on Facebook and Twitter.

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