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Is the Internet Building or Destroying Community?

In partnership with Calvert County Community Mediation Center, All Saints Episcopal Church, Calvert County Planning and Zoning and other community-building citizens, Calvert Library is hosting “Is the Internet Building or Destroying Community?” as the next conversation in their Civil Discourse Building Community series.  It will be held Monday, September 26 at 7pm at the Calvert Library Prince Frederick.  

Whether you use the internet for your job or for fun, you probably have an opinion about it.  Some folks believe that the internet is helping us reconnect with our old friends and family because of the ease of doing so.  Others feel like we are losing each other between the bits and bytes.  There are fears about privacy and concerns that anonymity is creating a lack of responsibility for one’s actions.  Some people feel like the internet is evening out the playing field because it makes access to information so much easier.  Others worry that we spend more time typing on our phone than we do talking to our kids. Many have commented that after the recent earthquake and hurricane, the Internet and texting were the way most people communicated with friends and family to assure them of their safety. Come share your perspective and stories of how the Internet has played a role in your life and community.

Calvert Library’s team has been hosting conversations on controversial and community-building topics for the last four years with great success.  These sessions offer those with disparate views and experiences, an opportunity to share and listen.  The hope is that we understand each other’s perspectives better.  The expectation is not that minds will be changed, only that participants will learn something about each other that will help them communicate civilly and respectfully about the shared issue.

For more information, call the Calvert Library Prince Frederick at 410-535-0291 or 301-855-1862.

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