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It Pays to be Nice, Especially in Business

Remember when your Mom and Gramma told you to be nice? It turns out that being nice is important and not just to your siblings, but it works in your favor if you’re in business too. And the great thing about being nice is that it doesn’t cost anything extra and can bring your business great rewards. Here are a few examples.

Cool Beans Farm is a small farm on Maryland’s Eastern Shore producing vegetables and microgreens. They just won a USDA grant to expand their microgreens business and are listed on the Maryland’s Best website (http://marylandsbest.net/index.php) as a Maryland producer.

Now here’s where the story gets interesting, The Maryland Jockey Club at Pimilico has decided to host a Farm to Table event for 600 people at the Preakness. They needed some greens and called farmers on the Maryland’s Best website to meet their demands. Cool Beans Farm got the job and are delivering five pounds each of mint and rosemary to the chefs at Pimilico. And to top it all off the owners, Heather and Dixie, of Cool Beans Farm are going to be interviewed and appear on NBC during the Preakness coverage on Saturday.

How great is that? Dixie asked the producer from NBC how it is that they were selected from all the other farmers. The producer said, “I liked your name, you answered the phone and you were nice.” Really? All Dixie had to do was be nice? That doesn’t say much about all of the other farmers that the NBC producer called. And now Cool Beans Farm is going to get free promotion on national television during the Preakness. That’s a pretty good deal for being nice and it didn’t cost one cent extra.

Chesapeake Family does an annual Favorite Doctors list. We ask our readers to nominate their favorite doctor for the honor and we print the list and reader comments in the June issue as well as feature the list on our website where it stays up all year. We call each doctor before we print the list to make sure we have their specialty correct as well as their qualifications and contact information. Nothing worse than printing incorrect information and we’ll hear about it for months later if we make a mistake so we want to make sure that the information we have is right.

It doesn’t happen often, but on occasion the person answering the phone at the doctor’s office hangs up on us or says they will call us right back and they never do. They won’t take the one minute to verify the information we have. So we have no choice but to delete that doctor from our list.

That is FREE promotion that the doctor missed out on after his/her patient took the time to go online and fill out our form and write a nice comment. All that needed to happen was for the person answering the phone to be nice. What is the value of one new patient, probably thousands of dollars, which is an outstanding return on being nice.

The person who answers the phone for your business may well be the lowest paid person on staff but that person is your representative to the public. Teach your staff that it pays to be nice and you will be rewarded with increased business time and time again. Plus, you’ll make your mom happy.

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