JecoAnnapolis Quarter One Plan

Partner with Jefferson Communications to influence the buying decisions of Maryland women. We’re not looking for just any old sponsor – they have to be aligned with our community and have products and services of interest to us all.  

A partner will be featured across multiple platforms as an expert on a podcast, provide quotes for an article, advice for a digital download or native content. In-article web ads with a call to action will reach more of your target audience than ever before. Using traditional and not-so traditional marketing will increase your revenue. 

See planned content below and reach out to see how we can create a successful partnership.

Download the entire First Quarter for future reference.

Digital Studio-podcast-Reducing Plastic Pollution
-Navy Football
-Author Interview
-Gentle Parenting
Digital Studio-video-Treating Hives
-Truxtun Park
Digital Studio-seasonal features-Black History Month
Digital Studio – Monthly Download-Sponsored
Specialty E-Newsletters-School Open House
-Camps (1)
Contests-Couple’s Getaway
Social Promotions-Best Pediatricians
-Preschool Directory
-Camp Directory
-Financial Planning
In-Person Events
Chesapeake Family Life-Relationships
-Preschool Directory
Chesapeake Inspired-Girlfriend Getaway
-Treating Hives
-Home Remodel
Digital Studio-podcast-Black History
-Winter Skin Care
-Financial Planning
Digital Studio-video-Bannecker Douglas – art exhibit
Digital Studio-seasonal features-St. Patrick’s Day
-Spring Break Camps
Digital Studio – Monthly Download-Sponsored
Specialty E-Newsletters-Valentine’s Gift Ideas
-Camps (2)
Contests-Couple’s Getaway
Social Promotions-Best Orthodontists
-Best Dentists
-Camp Directory
-Favorite Restaurants
In-Person Events-Health Fair
-Teen Environmental Summit
Chesapeake Family Life-BIG Book for Families
Chesapeake Inspired-Couples Retreat
-Outdoor Living Space
-Winter Skin Care
Digital Studio-podcast-Choosing a Camp
-Spring Yard Maintenance
Digital Studio-video-Skincare products
Digital Studio-seasonal features-Earth Day
-April Festivals
-Easter Events
Digital Studio – Monthly Download-Sponsored
Specialty E-Newsletters-Spring Travel
-Camps (2)
Contests-Annapolis Film Fest
Social Promotions-Favorite Brewery
-Camp Directory
-Favorite Indoor Play
-Best Chiropractors
In-Person Events-KIDS Fest
Chesapeake Family Life-Camps
-Teen Jobs
Chesapeake Inspired-Backyarding
-Cosmetic Dentistry
-Visiting Charleston