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Keeping Kids Safe Online

Keeping kids safe online is now a concern for nearly all parents. Derek Fisher, the author of a book series, Alicia Connected aimed at making complex security topics simple and easy to consume, joins us to talk about online safety.

Using his understanding of the security field, Derek provides his insight for parents and answers the following questions.

Tips For Keeping Kids Safe Online

  1. What are the biggest concerns with online safety and kids?
  2. As kids grow and mature and gain independence how can parents scaffold safe online behavior? What does online safety look like for different ages?

  3. How do we set our kids up for success, what should parents be teaching their kids about online safety?

  4. What suggestions do you have for social media?  What should parents consider about social media compared to just online surfing?

  5. What are the different precautions that need to be taken on different platforms?

  6. What are common mistakes that parents make around online safety and their kids?

  7. What other suggestions or tips do you have for parents?

Resources to Help Keep Kids Safe Online

The book website: www.aliciaconnected.com

You can also reach out to me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/derek-fisher-sec-arch/

Bark is a good device management tool: https://www.bark.us/

Circle is a good network device management tool: https://meetcircle.com/

Two Facebook groups worth checking out:

Parenting in a Digital World: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MyFirstApp

Parenting ina Tech World: https://www.facebook.com/groups/parentinggeeks


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