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Keeping Plastic out of the Bay

It’s clear that keeping plastic out of the Bay should be a priority. In our discussion with Doug Myers from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation he details how your decisions about the products you buy can have a big impact on the overall use of plastic.

Plastic Litter

Portions of the bay, especially in tributaries, are littered with plastic trash. Nationally 5 trillion pounds of plastic is disposed of each year in the United States. Unfortunately there is no state or national ban on plastics. Bag and bottle bans are accomplished at the local level.

Plastic in Food

Plastic bags, bottles and straws in the water is not only trash but attracts other plastics to form big mounds. Plastic is now showing up in sediment and also creatures living in the Bay. Crabs, fish and oysters are not thriving and are smaller is size since their stomachs are full of plastics preventing them from eating normally. They can not thrive with plastic in the water. It’s clear that plastics are bad for the Bay and that our personal choices can have a big impact. If you are concerned make your voice heard.

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