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Keeping up with the Apples – Lisa on Point

ThinkstockPhotos 655517482I am an Apple fan but I am not going to pay $999 for a phone. No way. That’s the cost of the new iPhone X. I don’t want a phone that I just look at and it becomes active. That’s not normal. I need to be able to turn things on and off.

I am an iPhone 6 owner. I am next to upgrade in the family. But I am stopping at 7. Seven is my number. I will just have to live with an iPhone 7 for the rest of my life. Is that possible?

Yes, I have the Apple watch 2. I love it. But I cannot fall any deeper into this smartphone’s lineage. It took me a while to get into the family and now that I am here I think I have to stay. Will I become a grandmother to my phone? Never giving in to joining the future generations. Will I be 100 years old living with an iPhone7 that cannot communicate wth anyone because I won’t update?

I came in to the cell phone world when those phones were in bags and were like a purse to carry around. Thankfully flip phones came onto the scene and I was stuck there for a while. I even lived in BlackBerry land. I swore I would never leave. My husband still lives there. He can’t jump on the iPhone revolution like the rest of the family. That’s okay because there’s more data for us. ( For them.) My daughters eat data like it’s cereal.

My husband was the first in the house to get an apple computer and would not let us near it. When it died, he went back to the PC. But the rest of us charged forward and little by little we became Mac users. First my daughter Paige and then Grace followed—they carried a laptop to high school everyday and then got new ones for college. I finally jumped in with both feet and I love my MacBook Air. Once I went Mac I swore to never go back. For those of us who are not computer geniuses it’s pretty much dummy proof. I am not an android girl and neither are my girls. But we are Apple hooked. But I will not be sucked into this newest generation. It seems you buy the latest and greatest and the next day that smart tech thing you got is obsolete—a step child a wanna be. I like Mr. and Mrs. Jones but I don’t have to keep up with them. And who are they anyway? Or maybe it’s Mr. and Mrs. Apple I need to worry about. iPhone X scares me with it’s facial recognition feature to unlock it. What if someone steals my face? I wear my heart of my face.

Lisa Robinson is the mother of two amazing young women. She is a freelance writer for several Baltimore area magazines, including Chesapeake Family Life. Lisa works as a news anchor and investigative reporter for WBAL-TV in Baltimore. When she’s not dealing with the drama of her two daughters, she’s busy cooking, working out, hosting her friends for get-to-getters, reading, and writing a non-fiction book. Lisa is one of the funniest people you’ll get to know. She relishes in saying the things others are afraid to. You can catch up with Lisa here and on Facebook and Twitter.

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