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Kids who play unusual sports in Maryland

Sports Fencing2WEBBy David Driver

Amanda Sirico didn’t hit the soccer field as a tot like the majority of the kids in Maryland, instead the Bowie teen chose the sport of fencing.

“My children were raised in the sport,” says mom Cynthia Sirico, who, along with her husband, is an avid fencer. “Amanda has been doing some facet of fencing since she could walk.”

Amanda, 17, clearly chose the right sport. In 2012 she won the gold medal in the North American Cup, has competed internationally and is an Olympic hopeful for 2016.

“If I could, I would like to compete for the rest of my life,” Amanda says.

In Maryland, kids traditionally start off playing soccer, basketball or baseball. As thy get older, some move on to football, lacrosse or hockey. Some kids swim competitively while others find their place in the martial arts. But if your child doesn’t seem to fit any of these molds, don’t think there isn’t a sport out there for him or her. There are many kids, like Amanda, who have found their prowess in more unusual sports. Read on to learn more about these sports and the kids who play them.


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