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Feeding a Vegetarian Child When You Eat Meat


What do you do when the meat-eater you’ve raised declares himself to be a vegetarian child from now on? There are many strategies that can enable your veghead to maintain a healthy, balanced diet without creating much work for you. In fact,  feeding a vegetarian child can lead to a great culinary adventure for the rest of the family.

For us, he first item to go was roast chicken, even though I explained futilely to my then five-year-old son, Max, that it was the same as chicken nuggets. If it resembled the actual animal, he wasn’t eating it. It wasn’t long before chicken nuggets followed. Finally, he announced during the week of his sixth birthday that he was vegetarian child and refused to eat any meat, poultry, or seafood. “How would you like it if someone ate you?” he explained. For weeks, meals began with an interrogation, as Max quizzed me on the origins of every item on the table. “Is that from a plant?” he’d ask repeatedly. (Yes, Max, broccoli is a plant.)

That was two years ago, and Max has never wavered. But his non-vegetarian father and I continue to stumble our way through ensuring that his choice is nutritionally sound. After all, a vegetarian child can’t do the research – much less cook – for himself.

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