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Lacrosse tournament tidbits — Frankly Stein

We’ve had five lacrosse tournaments this month. That’s a lot of lacrosse. Twenty-two games to be exact and we still have another this weekend and one next month before it’s all said and done for the summer.

Here are some random shots from my phone of little lacrosse tidbits.

laxfriends Here is the obligatory lax team shot. I’ve got about a dozen or so in my phone.
Here’s the other typical shot. Sports teams always feel the need to make a pyramid. It’s a wonder there aren’t more injuries. laxpiramid
laxchamp This is my lax champ. Lilly’s rec team won Beach Lax this year. It was pretty exciting.
This is the lax crab — the coveted plaque the coach gets when the team wins Beach Lax. Coach Mary has been wanting this for years. Her team finally delivered their last year. laxcrab
laxhair This is lax hair. It’s hair that needs cutting and is out of control after being under a helmet all day.
This is what the counter looks like during lax season — actually any season. Too many water bottles, drink cups and coffee cups. It takes a lot of liquid to make it through any sports season. laxbottles
laxcat Here’s the lax cat. Lacrosse sticks are strewn all over the house and can make a pretty good place to curl up for a nap.
Here’s a lax dad. It can be pretty exausting watching all that lacrosse! laxdad



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