By: Jillian Amodio

Women’s Circles provide a supportive sense of sisterhood and connection that many women have felt lacking in their lives. Women are creators by nature. The feminine energy within us creates boundless opportunities for creativity in various forms. Women create art, music, connections, love, conversation, ideas, change, life. 

In centuries past when communal living or multigenerational living situations were the norm rather than the outlier, women often relied on a sense of sisterhood to go about not only completing the daily tasks and duties of domestic life, but also for a sense of belonging, and a sense of feeling understood and cared for. 

Craving Deeper Connections

While feelings of sisterhood and opportunities for female bonding may still be found in friendships, moms groups, book clubs, or other social organizations, one thing many women express is that sometimes the relationships we have with other women in our lives can feel surface level, and many of us are craving deeper connections and a rich sense of sisterhood and camaraderie. 

The concept of women’s circles has been discussed in publications like Yoga Journal and Vogue. Simply put, women’s circles are a gathering of women and can be just about anything you design them to be within your desired intentions. More traditionally, women’s circles are a gathering of women during the new moon and the full moon given the perceived synchronicity between the lunar cycle and the female menstrual cycle. 

Significance of Lunar Cycle

For centuries many civilizations and cultures have equated the moon to feminine energy and fertility. It makes sense, throughout the lunar cycle, the moon phases emerge more rounded than before, peaking at the full moon. Just as the figure of an expectant mother begins to round as the baby’s birth draws near.  A typical menstrual cycle lasts 28 days. The lunar cycle is quite similar. A full lunar cycle from one new moon to the next new moon is 29.5 days in length. For many centuries and for many civilizations the lunar cycle has played a great significance in the gathering of women together to celebrate times of renewal and release both figuratively and literally. 

What is a Women’s Circle?

Women’s circles are popping up locally as well. Rachel Graham is the founder of the Baltimore Women’s Circle and is a life coach and yoga instructor. She says the intention of the Baltimore Women’s Circle is to be ” a supportive, sacred space and community for women to come together, connect, and share. Together we create a grounded setting where everyone feels safe to share their inner world. When women come together in a circle it’s a powerful experience because it allows us to celebrate, grow, and heal as a community.” Rachel says this group meets twice a month during the new moon and the full moon. Each meeting is unique but typically involves some form of meditation, journaling, connection or manifesting by group members desiring to share and support one another.

As far as the goals and intentions for Baltimore Women’s Circle Rachel says “One of our core values is honoring every woman who walks into the circle. We recognize that we all have different backgrounds and upbringings and we’re naturally going to have different beliefs and perspectives because of that. This is a space to practice acceptance and see each other as we truly are: human beings who all crave acceptance and love.”

Listen to our Podcast with Rachel here.

Facilitators of Women’s Groups come from various backgrounds with no singular religion or career path, but rather a desire to help women come together. The facilitators gather around the ideas of sisterhood, respect for the earth and co-creation. And as the Wild Woman Project says, “We also tend to be a heart-centered bunch, lots of laughter and tears.”

Sources for more information and local groups

A great place to start looking for Women’s Circles to join is through social media. Some Facebook groups like the group Women’s Circle cast a wide net with over 44,000 members and create a virtual social support network of women who are encouraged to uplift each other. Other groups such as the Southern Maryland Full Moon Women’s Circle are more local and cater to building relationships between women who live in a general area. 

There are numerous Women’s Circle meetups listed through the site, and the New Moon Goddess Circle can be found through the Wild Woman Project and Baltimore Women’s Circle has an active Facebook group.