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Legislation would allow parents to leave work for school conferences

logoDo you worry about leaving your job to attend a parent-teacher conference at your child’s school?

MarylandCAN: The Maryland Campaign for Achievement Now testified in support of legislation that would allow parents the right to attend biannual parent-teacher conferences without risking their job, according to a press release from MarylandCAN.

The bill was heard last week in front of the state Senate finance committee.

MarylandCAN Executive Director Curtis Valentine testified:

”I come to Annapolis today not simply as an advocate for students, parents or teachers; I come as a former middle school educator who understands the struggles of not having full participation from parents. I come to Annapolis today as a parent of a public school student—a parent who will one day have to make tough choices about my child, but choosing between a parent teacher conference and keeping a job shouldn’t be one of them.”

The Maryland General Assembly will vote on the bill prior to the end of the legislative session. This bill is one of MarylandCAN’s 2012 Bridge the Gaps campaign goals. To find out more about the Bridge the Gaps campaign, visit their website.

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