Orgainzing the Christmas clutter

Some friends and I were recently texting some photos back and forth of Christmases when we were kids. And there were some definite similarities: bowl haircuts, creepy Santas, interesting outfit choices. But the greatest similarity of all: giant, natural, unfiltered smiles.

I say let’s bring that part back.

In this wild unpredictable year, one thing has been ever present: the word no. No, you really can’t travel. No, you really can’t see the people that you love. No, you can’t attend that thing that you love to do. No, you can’t go anywhere without a mask. No, you can’t hug or touch anyone outside of your quarantine circle. No, you don’t know really know when the world will be “normal” again. No, Christmas really won’t be the same this year. No, we don’t know what 2021 will bring.

But what if we focused on the yes.

Giant, natural unfiltered smiles of the ‘80s that felt covered in yes.

As kids we were stripped down really of most choices and we were happy (for the most part). It’s hard to remember what was ever under the tree, but I do remember what Christmas morning felt like.

It felt like magic.

And that was what mattered. The rest of the world fell away. The tree, the lights, footed pajamas, laughter, each other. And that was enough.

And that will be enough this year too.

It doesn’t matter how many gifts or how many people are there, it is the feeling that is priceless. That is when we are stripped down of all that is outside what truly really matters.

Wear your onesie pajamas or get dressed up. Get takeout or make a seven-course meal. Filter or no filter. Do what you want to do this year. Let go of the rest. The kids will remember the joy, the magic and they will remember you happy. You are the only one who can sculpt that version of the holidays in 2020. The pressure is off. So, we might as well enjoy it fully and if we play our cards right, it could be even better than the ‘80s. At least the haircuts are better now.

We’ve got this.

Merry merry everything to you.

Katie Moore

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Katie Yackley Moore is a freelance writer, real estate agent, yoga instructor and a momma of four navigating life and a separation and finding herself in the process. She adores coffee shops, laughing until it hurts and impromptu dance parties. Her work has appeared on Scary Mommy, Mamalode and HuffPost Parents. She has published a journal entitled “Dream a Bigger Dream” and the children’s books “You Are a Warrior” and “We are Family” and just finished her first novel. Catch up with her between tea breaks at The Naked Momma and on Facebook.