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Join Alex in a Race for Hope

ChesapeakeFamily_nov2010_minicover_yuduJoin Alex in a Race for Hope

By Hannah Anderson, Editorial Intern

Alex “Super Van” Van Valkenburgh is at it again. And this time he wants you to join him.

The noble 11-year-old was featured in Chesapeake Family’s November 2010 issue, in an article titled “Little Legs, Big Heart,” which described his participation in local races to raise money for charity. Every year, Alex runs in the Port to Fort 6k to raise money a Baltimore-based charity called Believe in Tomorrow, but this year he has taken the challenge to another level.

“Alex has decided to step up his game this year,” says his mom, Chris. “Rather than raising money and running all by himself he has decided to start a team of kids to help him out.”

The team is named Super Kids, a take off of his nickname Super Van.

“He didn’t want to name the team after himself since the run is not about him, but rather about the kids that it helps, therefore the name not only symbolizes the wonderful kids that want to help, but also the brave kids that fight everyday just to live,” Chris says.

If your child is interested in joining the Super Kids team, contact Chris at chvanv@gmail.com. They must register for the race separately, which costs $15 and can be done online at believeintomorrow.org.

The Super Kids Team also accepts donations through their fundraising page at firstgiving.com. Chris says she is planning on giving a Super Kids t-shirt to children who join the team and get people to donate to the fundraising page.

“I think it would be amazing to have a huge group of kids decked out in blue t-shirts with a Superman Logo on the front running to raise money for kids that can’t run for themselves,” she says.

The race is on Sunday April 10th at 9 a.m., and is open to anyone who wants to attend.

Believe in Tomorrow provides free hospital and respite housing to the families of children being treated at Johns Hopkins. More information can be found at believeintomorrow.org.

You can also check out Alex’s Super Van Facebook page.

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