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Little Red Riding Hood in opera for kids at Maryland Hall

Little Red Riding HoodTake the kids to see a bit of children’s opera this weekend in Annapolis.

In cooperation with Towson University’s “Opera in a Can” troupe, Annapolis Opera is continuing its tradition of producing live opera specifically geared towards children. The two organizations will present Seymour Barab’s “Little Red Riding Hood” on Feb. 2 at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts in Annapolis.

An adaptation of the fairy tale classic, Little Red Riding Hood is the tale of the scary wolf transformed into a comic character and important lessons about life are learned on the operatic stage.

“Opera can seem intimidating, but it is really just a musical drama,” commented Annapolis Opera President Lee Finney. “Our children’s opera performances are fun and entertaining for young children, but they also offer potential developmental benefits, including increased language skills, higher level thinking and creative problem-solving skills, and development of the imagination.”

The performance will be at 10:30 a.m. Tickets are $15 and are available on the Annapolis Opera website (www.annapolisopera.org) and through the Maryland Hall Box Office by calling 410-280-5640.

Annapolis Opera has provided professionally staged operas and concerts for the mid-Atlantic region for the past 40 years. The Opera’s mission is to present artistically excellent professional opera productions, educational programs and other opera-related events, featuring emerging artists. More information on the Annapolis Opera is available at www.annapolisopera.org.

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