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Annapolis Stroller Strides helps moms loose baby weight

Karen Davis
Karen Davis
By Betsy Stein

Karen Davis of Arnold started attending Stroller Strides classes when her 3-year-old son was an infant. It helped her start to lose the baby weight. She loved it so much, she recently bought her local Annapolis franchise and is now teaching classes.

“It went up for sale, and I wondered what I would do without it, so I had to buy it,” says Davis, now a mother of two. “It’s a fantastic way to lose the baby weight and take the kids with you to exercise class.”

Stroller Strides, a class now part of the newly named Fit4MOM program, gives moms an opportunity to get in shape through walking and other exercises with their child in a stroller. It also allows them to meet other moms and have fun with their babies.

“It’s a way to work out — it helped me lose my baby weight, and it’s also a support group of moms,” Davis says. “I made some of the best friends I have in Stroller Strides classes.”

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