Locker Decorations to Personalize Your Kids School Space


A locker space might seem like a small deal to adults but it’s a big deal to kids to have their own private space and responsibility. Take some time and help your child pick out some items that can help personalize their locker space and make it their own home base away from home.

Some suggestions for creating an awesome personal locker space include:

  1. Pops of Color
  2. Pick a theme
  3. Magnets, Magnet, Magnets
  4. Keep it clean

Check out some of our favorite locker finds for this year:


Magnetic photo clips $2.99

Use these magnetic photo clips to display your Summer pics or show off you favorite pet. When in doubt add a magnet. They not only look cute but they are functional for hanging anything up.



Metal locker shelf $6.99

Add more storage in your locker by grabbing one of these metal mesh shelves. They are stackable if you are looking to optimize even more space.



Locker rug $6.99

Add some softness to your locker by incorporating this fun furry rug.




Fake Magnetic Succulent $3.99

Bring some of the outside inside and spruce up your locker with this fake plant. Succulents are on trend right now and this one won’t be going anywhere. It’s magnetic base keeps it in place.





LED DIsco Ball $8.99

Your locker will be the life of the party with this LED disco ball.



Heart Mirror $8.99

Keep yourself selfie ready and avoid any embaressing food stuck in your teeth lunch mishaps with this cute magnetic mirror.



Magnetic Pen & Pencil Holder $5.99

Never lose a pen again using this stylish pen holder.



Patch Magnets $3.99

Not only do these look cute but they are functional for holding any notes or to do lists up in your locker, making sure you stay on task all year long.


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