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Look Cool and Give Back—Buy a Tee for a Good Cause

Inspired by the quote, “Start where you are, and work with what you have,” local screenprinters Blk Ankr Originals is using their special skill set to pull the community together to help small businesses make a profit and donate to charities in the area at the same time all while looking cool. 

After seeing businesses around town have to shut down due to COVID-19, many being customers of theirs, Blk Ankr Originals decided to start where they are, work with what they have and help the community. “Stronger Together – even from a distance” was born. This movement will offer T-shirts sold on the behalf of local comapnies. Each tee will have a logo of a local business and the “Stronger Together” logo on the sleeve. For each shirt sold that business will receive $10 directly to the business. Some businesses have decided to join in and donate their proceeds to local chairties. Blk Ankr will continue to sell the shirts on the site, as long as businesses are unable to open. 

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Check out their site here to see all tees and businesses involved and to see our Chesapeake Family Life design go here. All profits from Chesapeake Family Life shirts are donated to Feed Anne Arundel. 


Do you know anyone in the community going above and beyond during this time? We would love to hear about them. Write to us on social media or email us at [email protected]


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