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Made Co. turns children’s ideas into reality

Honey Maid ContestIf your child loves inventing things and coming up with new ideas, Honey Maid’s new Made Co. initiative can turn their ideas into reality. On the new Made Co. website, children age 6-12 are invited to submit their most creative ideas in specific categories. If chosen, kid will work with industry experts to turn have their ideas made into real things. This could be anything from video games to short films, to books, depending on the project.

Made, Co. is currently accepting ideas for storybooks and comic strips, and submissions game characters will be accepted beginning February 26.

See the Made, Co. website to learn about the three projects that have already been completed, such as 11-year-old Wyatt’s idea for a stop-motion TV commercial.

Visit madeco.honeymaid.com for details and to submit your child’s grand idea!

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