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100 Days of Maryland Summer: Make a rock animal

Painted-rocksEncourage your kids to be artistic and creative today, and take some time to create rock animals.

Today’s family fun suggestion will let your kids explore their creative side. Have a competition to see who can make the best, funniest, or most creative rock animal. To create a rock animal, all you need is a smooth rock from outside, paint, and paint brushes.

Go outside and hunt for a smooth, medium sized rock. Wash and dry it in the sink and then you are ready to begin. The most difficult part of creating rock animals is choosing the animal, so take some time to consider what kind of animal your rock is shaped as. For example, if your rock is oblong, you may choose to turn it into an animal sleeping in a curled up position.

After you choose your animal, use a pencil to sketch an outline, and then fill your outline in with paint. It may be esiest to paint your rock a solid color first, then go back and add shading and details such as fur or hair.

Because rock animals may be a little difficult for younger kids, another option is for you to paint houses and trees on several small rocks, paste felt to the bottom of the rocks, and let the kids play with the “rock neighborhood,” arranging the pieces however they would like.

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