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Easy Family Recipes: Cooking Rice the French Way

I love rice. Growing up, I ate more Minute Rice than a lifetime allotment, because it was Pennsylvania in the 70’s & 80’s and no one knew that rice was something that could be awesome. And not so, uh, minutey.

French Approach to Rice

My confession is this: I make terrible rice. Not terrible sushi rice (at which I kick tush), but just terrible regular old rice. Basmati, Jasmine, Brown — doesn’t matter.

It could be my complete lack of patience, or maybe even my stupid ceramic top stove, but there’s something about the ratios, simple as they may be, and the heat, and the pot, and well, I just kind of check out on the whole process. Mostly because, one of the very first things I learned at my fancy French Cooking School in New York City was how to cook rice the French way. It changed how I cook.

You ready for me to tell you my fancy-pants rice-cooking ways?

It’s this simple: Cook your rice the way you would cook pasta.

You heard me; the way you cook pasta. Think of a nice big pot of boiling, salted water (no, you don’t have to measure it, just use a bunch, the way you would to cook pasta), then toss in your rice.

Cook white rice (Jasmine, Basmati, etc.) for 13 minutes and brown rice for 34 minutes at a slow boil (the way you would cook pasta), then drain in a colander.

That’s it. You’ll have individual grains of perfectly cooked rice, ready to go. And yes, I promise this works. I’ve been cooking rice this way for almost 17 years, and I haven’t messed-up a pot yet. Plus, y’know all those beans we’ve been cooking up so far this month? This rice will go beautifully with them.

And yup, you’re welcome. šŸ™‚

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