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March 2021 Chesapeake Family Life

In our March 2021 issue, we take a long look back at the last year of Pandemic living, including how it affected our mental health—especially our children’s; their lives in virtual school, feeding those in need, and what to expect from the vaccine.

Check out the full digital edition or individual articles, which are linked below.

March 2021 Articles

Pandemic Reflections

For our look back at the last year of the pandemic, we checked in with parents, teachers, and mental health providers on the toll the last year has taken on kids and families. In the next three articles, we’ll dive into what has worked for families, what hasn’t, and how the vaccine rollout will affect your family in the next year. 

mother and little daughter wearing surgial mask

On our Mental Health
It has been a year since our lies were turned upside down. Jillian Amodio looks at how the last year of wild changes has affected our mental health, as well as our childrens’.

Virtual School—An Online Village
Teachers, parents, and students have faced an unprecedented year in school. How will this past year affect the future of education?

The Vaccine
How will the vaccine affect your family? Can we visit with Grandma yet? And when will kids be able to get one?

5 Million Meals
Anne Arundel County Public Schools’ School Meals Team Remains Dedicated to Feeding Kids, as it served some 5 million meals in the past year!

Get Ready for Camp!

Summer is on its way and we’ve got great resources for a successful camp search and for your kids to spend their summer break safely at area camps!

  • Free virtual Camp Fair on March 16! Preregister today! We’ll be hosting camps in virtual booths where you can talk directly to camp staff and find out about their programs! Plus we’ll have speakers, fun activities, and CFL Camp resources on hand.
  • Worried about what camp will be like this summer? We talked to camp directors about what they learned from their 2020 seasons and how they’re taking those lessons and improving on them for 2021. Read all about it in our article from the March, Sit Tight. Camp is Coming!
  • Want to listen instead? Check out our recent podcast discussion on this summer’s camping experience.
  • Plus, don’t miss our newly redesigned and upgraded Camp Directory!

More March Fun!

Portrait of an african american father and daughter enjoying spending time with dog in the bed.

8 Tips for Your New Puppy
Did you get a new furry friend this year? Check out these tips on making your new pup’s first year awesome.

Nature play space Rocks1 W

Nature Play Spaces
Nature play spaces—outdoor playgrounds that use only natural elements such as trees, sand and rocks—are growing in Maryland. Since 2008, 30 nature play spaces have been established and more are in development. Get ready to explore these 9 great spaces for kids to play outside this spring!

St. Patrick's Day Picture of playful mother with daughter

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Home
Leprechaun traps, green fashion shows and yummy, colorful treats make St. Patrick’s Day fun even without the parades.

Pet Photo Contest Winners 2021
With so many families at home and adopting new pets this year, our Photo contest was a real winner! Check out our favorites and the winner, Kayleigh the corgi!


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