Marketing Partnerships


There is every expectation that your advertising will increase your business revenue. Otherwise, why bother. Over the last 10 years marketing options have changed dramatically and become more complicated, especially for small businesses that may not have a marketing team. 

There is a better option. 

Chesapeake Family Media is offering select marketing partnerships that cross all media platforms to achieve your goals. Businesses do not have to choose between print, web or social media; they are combined in the most effective way to reach the best audience to showcase your business. 

See digital custom content examples for:

Imagine your message across multiple platforms including carefully selected print, digital, custom content, subscription e-newsletters, events, social media including a group with over 95,000 members.

Download 1st Quarter 2023 content planner to discover your options.

Benefits of a partnership with Chesapeake Family Media

  • Multimedia plan to reach your target audience
  • Advance planning for your entire campaign
  • Digital stats available
  • Opportunity to participate in experimental advertising at no cost to you
  • Partners receive priority when expert quotes are needed
  • Expert planning and advising
  • Flexibility to make your changes quickly 
  • One monthly price over the course of your contract