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Marketing to Moms

Women account for 91% of all Chesapeake Family readers. According to our most recent reader survey they are the purchasing/service decision maker for their entire family. For those of us who are moms and Chesapeake Family readers, we aren’t surprised by this news.

When you take all of this information into account, here is what you can do to be more successful in your marketing efforts towards women:

• Highlight great service, and provide human help (a real person, not a recording)
• Leverage your female customers; they love to tell others if they have found or experienced something great. Include them in testimonials, loyalty and referral programs
• Display empathy
• Validate that you are offering a good deal
• Demonstrate appreciation, with frequent thanks
• Lead with the practical benefits, not how something works
• Use stories in your marketing
• Leverage third-party endorsements and testimonials
• Sweat the details
• Ask for feedback
• Avoid violent images and language when selling to women
• Emphasize positive qualities without being overly negative about your competitors

If women are included in your target market, consider using these techniques. Your marketing will be more successful, and your sales will increase.
If you truly understood the role women want your brand to play in their life, all of your efforts would focus on informing them as consumers. Seventy-eight percent of women in the US use the Internet for product information before making a purchase and 33% research products and services on-line before buying offline.  So, it’s actually quite different than their stereotyped, meandering and social, offline “mall cruising” behavior.

(Millward Brown Intelliquest)

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